The Fight



The Fight

ut oh, famous last words
as the cafeteria grows quiet
“meet me after school”
it’s one of the twins
Johnny, I think…dang it man
they’re both mean as snakes
and way bigger than I am

hum, what’s this really about
I can’t even remember
I think I teased them
about their mom
being the Avon Lady
didn’t mean nothing by it
just trying to get a laugh

watching the clock
move toward three
how come it’s so fast
when death awaits me
and so slow otherwise

tic, tic , riiiiinnnng!
out my chair in flash
thru the door,
across the asphalt playground,
past the ball diamond
leaving a dust trail
not hearing the screaming

I jump the chain link fence
in one crazy leap
with the twins and big Ted
hot on my feet
not to mention the rest of the class
just thirsty for cheap
and bloody entertainment

I see my house now
and dad’s home..alright!
I trip over the sidewalk
and fall in the street
just in front of the drive
here we go..oh, man
I’m dead meat

I try to stall my demise
talking treaties and lies
as the crowd gathers ‘round
even Patty O’Brien
who's way too good lookin'
to see me get pounded

I'm grabbed from behind
and a twin punches my gut
all of a sudden, a miracle
I’m freed and pulled up
it's dad saving my life!
“you can fight him”, he says
“but one at a time”

"what, dad, can’t you see
they’re all bigger than me"...
“it’s not the size of the dog
in the fight” he replies
yeah, right, I'm thinking
you read that on a stone
at the pet cemetery

one of the twins charge
dad holds back the others
I duck his wild swing
and kick out his feet
he flips through the air
and hits the curb squarely
letting out a grunt
then a spine-tingling scream
geez, he’s really hurt

I only get madder,
embarrassed and meaner
when I sometimes cry
in the middle of a fight
even though I'm winning
if that’s what you call it

"c'mon who's next"
I shout between breaths
but, they all run away
dad and I go inside
without saying a word

a few hours later
comes a knock on the door
and huge, mean-looking man
blocks the light
thru the storm door
yelling and screaming for dad

...broke his damned collar bone
and you’re going pay
the boys said you grabbed them
and twisted their arms…
I only held them off
said my dad without flinching
we can take it outside
if you’ve got a problem

my sweet, quiet mother
petite and all lady
hits the steps in a heart beat
with fists usually clinched praying
blaring a tone in her voice
I’d never heard before
or even to this very day

“what is wrong with you men
what are you teaching our sons
Gerald, upstairs
Mr. Foster go home
I’m calling your wife”

and they went

                  Runnells, Iowa ‘10

Intro Image- "Anger" by Danielle Konopka
Empact Image -
"Struggle" by Kevin Middleton

Play "The Fight" recited by John Ramos

John Ramos - Voice Actor
United States

John is an up and coming voice actor who has been working in machinimas, fandubs, and video gaming mostly but is starting to expand his horizons into radioplay and other genres. 

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