Girl Next Door



Girl Next Door

little, freckle-faced girl
in the big floppy hat
why are you in my yard
go home, scat silly cat

you canít throw a ball
no way Iíll play dolls
sorry, no girls allowed
in our tree fort

are you kidding me
tell me those ainít
your momís spiky shoes
on your stinky olí feet

alright, guess Iíll play
thereís no one around
to see and make fun
no, I wonít push you down

houseÖ oh man
you want me to be dad
ďmake me dinner womanĒ
oh geez, donít look so sad

iím sorry , Iím sorryÖ okay
weíll play picnic instead
donít pick those flowers
my folks will get mad

look how she moves
and her eyes are so cool
pretending to try
to take care of me

her mom calls her name
she runs a few steps away
comes back, smiles, and lays
a slobbery olí kiss on my cheek

YUK! there she goes
her dress sorta flows
and wow Ė don'tcha know
I feel kinda weird and tingly

                  Runnells, Iowa Ď10

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"With These Hands -- Wonder" by Carol Allen Anfinsen

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Julie Hoverson - Voice Actor
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