Calling Out God



Calling Out God

you omnipotent sissy
how can you sit back
and watch all the tragedy?

wars for no reason
greed, torture, and treason
how can you let it win the day?

disasters, rape, and murder
a heartless media fervor
it’s wrong Mr. G and in your name

most folks live without love
many who find it aren't able to keep it
the vast majority of us die alone

oh, your bullshit pulpiteers
say you’re coming to save us
as they line their holy coffers

“there’s a better place waiting
for those who believe”…
why not here and now?

your whiney-ass followers
afraid to think for themselves
are cowards and disgust me

hit me with your best shot or
just jump in and fix it
I swear to you, I would...

then the clouds darkened
and a voice thundered down

you spoiled little ingrate
who can no more see my plan
than a fish can sense the breeze

sit and point fingers when
you're too lazy and selfish
to get out there and share for me”

                  Runnells, Iowa ‘10

Intro Image- "Spirit in the Sky" by Ted Hebbler
Empact Image- "Evaluation" by Carmen Hathaway

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God's reply wasn't in the original version.  A lot of bad things started happening in my
life, so I sat down one evening and wrote the last three verses five weeks later.
Click Here to read the addendum I wrote after it seemed a bad idea to call God out!

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