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by Jerry Browning    


The poems in Naked Dreams are for the most part in the order of writing from getting out of the Navy and heading back to Houston where I met my wife Chris to the present.  We've been blessed with wonderful children, but have had more than our share of ups and downs.  Sometimes it's a bit daunting to be showing my life in verse like this...kind of like that dream you have where you go to school or work and realized you forgot to put your clothes on.  I typed up all the old poems I've written that resided in an old Dan Post boot box for over thirty years and created this website in 2009.


..there's nothing like watching your brand new wife lay there asleep after you've made love to her

..about the crazy overwhelming feeling of being in love

     Snooze Alarm
..written about the that sweet time of day when I snuggle with my wife before getting up for work

.about love turning frigid and dying



     Ol’ Ticker
..a silly little poem about feeling so much love you could burst

..a love poem of two people putting the pieces of their former lives together to create a beautiful relationship in the present

.. nyctophobia is the fear of the dark. Stephane Trahan's painting makes this piece...make sure you click on the Empact Image to get the full effect...this feels like "Child of the World" lite...less words, but more filling

..so evil, but so wild you can't resist her...ummmmmm

..that ancient hunter haunts us from the heavens once again



     Sleepytown (Emily’s Lullaby)
..a lullaby I wrote my for my daughter when she was baby...my brother's family was visiting when I wrote this and I hide in our bedroom so I wouldn't be interrupted while the words flowed...everyone wondered where the heck I went.  I used to sing this to my girls when they were little as I tucked them in


     Almost Dawn
..about the feeling of lying in bed with your lover but feeling like you can't touch them

     One Current
..about the fear of dying alone and the fear of being buried

     Will to be Wicked
..about a rowdy guy feeling the pressure of dealing with a young family and all the responsibilities

..about the secret place in a loving relationship between a man and a woman



     Pair o' Ducks
..about the paradox of the hopeless feelings of a strained relationship

     Nocturnal Voyage
..a portrait of the magical odyssey of two starry-eyed lovers

..an old man looks back on a life of adventure to forget the lonely, sad place he exists in now



..yearning once again for the woman of my wildest dreams...have I met her and don't know it? will I ever meet her?

..a little song about being on the road, missing your lover, and trying to sleep

     Becoming a Browning
about a love so deep "it" becomes a metaphor...the ultimate love poem

     How do I lust thee?
..a bawdy, humorous poke at the Victorian love poets

     I Still Love You
..about thinking back on an old romance and wanting that feeling back.. and fooling yourself


My father passed away in November of 2000 when the country was still trying to decide who won the election.  I didn't want to live in the big city anymore and we decided it was time for us to move back to the heartland where we could raise our kids like we were raised.  I got online and submitted resumes in Ohio and Iowa where Chris, my wife, grew up.  I had lots of interest in Iowa and not even a nibble in Ohio.  I guess they'd had enough of me.  I was a week and a day into my two week notice and had hired my own replacement when 911 went down.  Somehow we managed to sell our house and rebuild our lives in rural Iowa moving in on my birthday in late November.


..about the death of my beloved father. I was angry then, but have since overcome it



     When You Shine
..a song I wrote for my lovely wife on Mother's Day in 2004

     Dance Demon
..about a human's struggle to keep his temper and mouth from destroying what he loves



     Spice Creek Hollow
..sometimes when you think back on your childhood and who you really are, you end up disappointed in what you've become even if you're what's deemed "successful"

     Almost Amos
..about the fear of becoming famous

     Terminal D
..about a chance encounter with a beautiful woman but then just having to watch her walk away

..about how the runt of the liter usually turns out to be the best dog a family ever had. Rikki got injured and had to be put down two and a half years after this poem was written at the age of five...she was best damned dog I ever saw!



     Rainy Day
..about letting go of this world on a rainy day and soaring through the cleansing drops into the next realm

     Paradise Lost
..about taking a good woman for granted and regretting the choices you made and the things you've done

..this piece says volumes with few words...love will find a way

     The Black Maple
..about overcoming the trials and tribulations of an almost failed marriage

     Glass-Bottom Boat
..about a person dealing with clinical depression

     Mistress Youth
mid-life crisis is real if your lucky enough to get there...an older man's look back at his youthful lust...funny how the stories become better in retrospect than actually happened

     Behold, the Crossroad!
..about the cost of what we're doing to this planet

     A Perfect Game
..about my favorite game in the world. I wrote this after reading an article in Sport Illustrated about Mark Buerle's perfect game. It may be my most popular piece. The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame asked for permission to use it sometime

     The Flow
..about how the arts are in the eye of the beholder and how you wonder what great work we missed because it was never noticed

     Cosmic Psalm
..a prayer to the universal mind



     In Thru the Out Door
..about a guy who always skirts around the rules and figures he'll be doing it to the end

.about the glimmer of light that keeps us going

     White Elephant
..about the how the games people play are captured and made public through technology

     Chain Mail
..a humorous look at loathing entering poetry contests

     Death of a Genre
..about the obsolescence of a genre.. nothing last forever. Even Homer and Shakespeare will be forgotten in time

     Bridge to Heaven
.about the bridge that binds use with our loved ones who've passed on...written with my daughter Abbey

     Girl Next Door
..about a little boy having his first encounter with the fairer sex

     The Fight
..based on a true story from my childhood...even being raised old school taught me women still ruled the roost

     Calling Out God
.about a christian who questions god's motives

..about the decline of a great nation and a generation that thought they would be the different

     Broken Bond
..about letting go and gliding into the eternal.. in memory of Stephen Lucas, a wonderful artist.

..a sappy poem about love and nature

     Honeymoon in Paris
.about lovers in Paris who make the town their own

     Shaman Trance
..an edgy escape into an ancient shaman's trance

     New Jerusalem
..a look at the current political climate with implied biblical references



     Saturday Morning
..a portrait of a man's love for his mate and their everyday life

..a look at how the love of a good woman becomes a man's savior

     The Enlightenment Lounge
..a tongue-in-cheek dream about dying and meeting the great minds of history in limbo

..about how art is the only thing that truly ties time and space as well as religion and myth together



     American Epitaph
..a testament to the frustration and shame at the current political situation in the US and around the world

     Metro Girl
..about a chance encounter with a beautiful woman out in the clubs of the the big city...kind of my version of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

     The Señorita's Song
..about the love of a cowboy and señorita..I'm working on a job in Peru and trying to learn some Spanish using Rosetta Stone. I came across the "que sueñes con los angelitos" phrase meaning "may you dream with little angels" and couldn't get it out of my head. I wrote this in the Denver airport during a layover. You might want to play the audio...the tune's pretty catchy.

     The Inca Princess
..when a couple colleagues (great friends now) and I finished up a job in Lima, Peru we decided to take a three day tour of the Andes that included Cusco, the Urubamba valley, and Machu Picchu.  I'd wanted to go to Machu Picchu since I heard Paul Simon interviewed about the song "El Condor Pasa" back in the '70s.  It was pouring rain when we arrived and everyone was concerned we wouldn't see it in all it's glory.  The rain was intermittent and it was so foggy we couldn't see much further than a few hundred feet away.  We had a guided tour for three hours through the restored ruins, then had three hours free on the mountain.  We climbed to the main overlook when it finally starting clearing.  I was just sitting there kind of meditating and said that I wouldn't have wanted to see it any other way.  "It's like a beautiful woman undressing".  Virginia handed me a pen and Sergio gave me the paper placemat from the train.  They simply said "write".  So here it is.

     Apocalyptic Visions
..written during the week of 12/21/12...the vibe was so negative with the Clackamas Mall and Sandy Hook shootings as well as the weirdness about the so called Mayan Doomsday Prophesy hype.

     Christmas Magic
..after writing Apocalyptic Visions, I started to post it in on facebook, but thought it seemed to just add to the sadness.  I deleted the post and wrote this song instead.  I've always wanted to write a nice Christmas Carol.  I hope it brings a little joy to the lives of people...my gift is my song, so Merry Christmas everybody.


     How the Grinch Stole America
..about how the "War on Terror" has affected America. I actually started a few lines of this at home and finished it up in a hotel in Ketchikan, Alaska

     Wonderboy (Ode to Avery)
..written about the courage and beauty of our young grandson who has CFC

     Said the Lord to the Peasants
..written about the attitude of the wealthy and how it's destroying the fabric of America

     The Road of Declining Rome
..written about the urgency to overturn the "Citizens United vs. the SEC" decision.

     Hope Begins Today
...I was lying in bed not able to sleep in a hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma one evening getting frustrated with the divisive posts I saw on the internet and feeling guilty for fussing with people. So, I got up an d decided I need to stop joining the dark chorus of political rhetoric and write about what the world craves - Hope

    Flesh Candy
..thought of the phrase flesh candy and the images and words just came to me...nothing like beach romance

     Night Light
..written for my children. I hope they realize how much I love each and every one of them in their own special way and how proud I am of them.

    The Tea Party Game
 ..the most dangerous game of our time.

   Valley of the Shadow
..about a once proud and virile man in a hospice dealing with the end of his life.


...a strange little nursery rhyme about a little girl with a pet shadow.

   Revelations 2014
..kind of an abstract self portrait of my life and our times here in the 21st century.

   A Lovely Flower
...Victorian style love poem...guys, you'd probably do well to recite this to your sweetheart on a romantic occasion

  Beyond Artesian Springs
...when I was at Machu Picchu I sat on the rim overlooking the ruin and thought about the gods they worshipped and how somehow souls must be like everything else that comprises the universe.  I was thinking maybe the icons of religions are like the centers of solar systems where the followers orbit in eternity

...I've lost a lot of friends to the divisiveness of the current political climate and was finally able to frame the way it looks from my point of view

 ...the thoughts that pass through a person's mind when they're struggling through a sleepless night

  911 in Retrospect
...a reflection on what we've become thirteen years after that horrible morning

...this piece is more than a cosmic love poem, "she" is not really a woman, but all that is love, faith, and hope


  Return of the Messiah
...how I picture the second coming of Jesus from the stories I heard growing up in church

  Maggie in the Mist
...about a sailor longing for the love of his life who's passed on. This was inspired by a dream I had about being in a bar in Ireland but took a life of it's own as I wrote it

  ...about the unseen threads of this universe than you feel, but can't really touch

 Recycled Stardust
  ...a statement about how foolishly egotistic humanity is and our true insignificance in the cosmos

 A Trophied Rose (Mirrored Version)
  ...a sad little poem about feeling lost with someone you've loved and broken as well as a mirror version written from the other's point of view

 Pioneer Sunset
...just a few thoughts I want to share with all those beautiful children who replace me in this old world


  ...about the acceptance of reality or lack thereof without fear and the realization of the hypocrisy that has been mine and humanity's life's story.  I have never felt more at peace.

  A Prayer for the Greater Good
  ...after years of search and study, this unknown poet and lover's message to this old world.

...a deep, dreamy, beautiful message

  What Murphy Knows
...wanting to see the beauty of a woman seen only through the eyes of her beloved pet.

...trying to understand how religion and the concept of God get so misconstrued.

  Red Sky Morning
...written in the middle of the night before the third presidential debate of 2016.

  Neglected Goldfish
...response to the political climate of the reality TV era.


  A Lick and a Promise
  ...after all the searching for answers through this life and this collection, this is what I conclude.

  American Reckoning
...after a year of divisive politics and watching many Americans lose their sense of value, dignity, and concern for the greater good.  I turned off the media for a week and this is what bubbled up.


  Beyond Redemption
... after travelling abroad for a couple weeks and ending up in a hotel in New Orleans after only one night home, I was struggling with jetlag, woke up at 4am and wrote this wishing I was feeling a more promising and happy vibe.


..the epilogue of emotionography and my life







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