Too Long




Too Long

i like to cut up in the clubs
surrounded by good-time friends
who cover for me when things get rough
then go their way again
hell, even when i find a beauty queen
who lets me take her home
i still wake up in the morning
feeling foreign and alone

so, take a good look pretty lady
tell me if you see
value in the lonely heart
of a crazy fool like me

iím not afraid to fight the world
never been afraid to die
my fear is such a stupid thingÖ
to let no one see me cry
and i seem to run away from love
run away from pain
into my whiskey bottle
where i never feel the rain

so, take a good look pretty lady
at this careless little boy
with no direction in his life
bound to self destroy

people trap me in an image
that catches up with me
Ďcause when i lie awake at night
iím my own worst enemy
for i know whatís rattling in the atticÖ
the plight of never finding love
wonder why i keep on trying
and what crimes iím guilty of

so, help me little lady
be there when iím down
got no way of showing
that iím looking to be found
too long without true love

Houston, Texas Ď82

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Dancehall Love" by Jerry Browning

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