Charlie Thrash




Charlie Thrash

a lost sun sets on the old folk’s home
streaming thru slight cracks
between pale yellowed curtains
dividing each room
with eerie luminous walls

essence of alcohol fills the air

echoing coldly off corridor walls
the click, click, clicking
of heals on wax tile floors
set a clumsy beat
for a symphony of moans
and labored breathing

i peer in doors ajar
where ancient, hollow eyes plead
and in a certain room
stares a blank familiar face

Charlie Thrash, i remember
that crabby ol’ bastard
who lived on Salem Church road
with the fine shaded pond
on his property
oh, those precious largemouth bass

when caught trespassing
years ago
he’d shoot rock salt at us
i’m told they took his farm away
to pay for this attention

sure is strange
to see this once proud man
curled up in a fetal position…
he wakes and starts crying
nurse says he’s wet
damned, third time today
wrestling him like a calf
she changes his bedclothes
i turn and walk away
he used to be so mean
and vibrant


ah, he was just playing a game

probably acted that way

out of malice senility

or secret artificial anxiety

like woman-child’s fallacy


drunk, i hear the news

ol’ Charlie gave up the ghost

what the hell

it’s just as well

why should i be particular

as shadows cross my shoulders


Houston, Texas ‘81

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Mamas Canal" by Skip Hunt

Play "Charlie Thrash" recited by Nigel Lewis-Davidson

Nigel Lewis-Davidson  - Actor
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Nigel is an actor, voice-over artist and writer; he has taken lead and supporting roles in TV pilot, independent and short films; his voice has also been used in radio drama and a film trailer; he is a baritone singer.

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