table of contents and credits

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 Aces and Eights
..about a hero with an incurable disease

   Intro Image - "Aces and Eights" by  tinsel666
   Empact Image - "Dead Man's Hand" by
Andrew Dobell   

   Recited by Morgan Barnhart

 After the Rapture
 ..about a guy who missed the rapture - I was raised a Southern Baptist and my grandfather was a Baptist preacher. I wrote this long before the "Left Behind" series that became so popular with the evangelicals.

   Intro Image - "Going Home" by Joe Santana                  
   Empact Image - "Crucified 2" by Chris Hedges  

  Recited by Jerry Browning

 Almost Amos
 ..about the fear of becoming famous.

   Artwork - "U.F.O. Burgers" by Stuart Swartz  

   Recited by Jerry Browning
 Almost Dawn
..about the feeling of lying in bed with your lover but feeling like you can't touch them.

   Artwork - "Synchronicity II" by Annette E. Bank   

    Recited by River Kanoff

 Atomic Shadows
..this was written in 1985 which was forty years after the atomic bomb. We're still here is what I tell my children when they worry about all the predictions of the worlds end...although the shadows of Nagasaki and Hiroshima still trail us.

   Intro Image - "Time" by Edward Myers                  
   Empact Image - "Door on a doomsday" by

  Recited by Kasey Vorakoummane


 Ballad of Manly Dan, The
..about a tough but promiscuous sailor who accidently contracts HIV.  We used to sing this at bars around the Mediterranean when I was in the navy.

    Artwork - "Red Sky at Night" by Tim Ezell   

  Sang by Jerry Browning

 BB and G, The
.. about the nightmare of an average guy.
    WARNING (explicit language and images).

   Intro Image - "Brimstone Sign" by Jerry Browning                    
   Empact Image - "Getting a Grip on Being Transgender" by Ed Meredith  (website)        

   Recited by Michael W. Guthrie

 Barless Cage
..about the "cage" of loneliness

   Artwork - "No Words" by Veronica Jackson             

   Recited by Beth Cotler

 Bayou City
 ..about a getting out of the service and going home to your girl.

   Artwork - "Bluebonnet Dreams" by Benjamin Gustafsson   

  Sang by Jerry Browning

 Becoming a Browning
..about a love so deep "it" becomes a metaphor...the ultimate love poem.

   Artwork - "Victorian Romance 1" - Quwatha Valentine       

  Recited by Scott Oka

 Bedtime Stories
 ..written for the first girl I lived with. I was learning a lot quickly.

   Artwork - "My Love" by Rajinder Aggarwal        

   Recited by Alison H.

..the way the art works on this poem may be better than the poem itself...that's ok, I like beer!

   Intro Image - "Goggles Bubbles" by  GirlDee                  
Empact Image - "Beer Dreams Bubbles" by GirlDee  

  Recited by Jerry Browning

 Behold, the Crossroad!
..about the cost of what we're doing to this planet.

    Intro Image - "The Four Corners of the World" by Darice Machel McGuire                  
   Empact Image - "Universe" by Rajinder Aggarwal    

  Recited by Sonya Cerdan

..about life from the view point of a stupid bigot.

   Artwork - "The Hirja" by James Harper      

   Recited by Beth Cotler
    Bigot  recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

..about living in a cage of loneliness.

   Intro Image - "Laughing in the Wings" by  SauriaMami
   Empact Image - "Trapped" by Elfavzla

  Recited by Sonya Cerdan

..the epilogue of emotionography and my life

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
   Empact Image - "I See You" by Kim Grier

  Recited by Jerry

 Black Maple, The
..about overcoming the trials and tribulations of an almost failed marriage.

   Photo - "Black Maple"* by Jerry Browning

   Recited by Amanda Riley

 Blind Date
..about the thoughts that go through a person's mind before a blind date...is fantasy more vital than flesh?

   Artwork - "Reflexio Aurea" by Petronius 

  Recited by Ben Keopraseuth

 Blue Eyed Party Girl
..about pining for an old girlfriend.

  Intro Image - "I see you" by Scarlett Royal  
    Empact Image - from "Illustrations of Models in Oil" by Alma Groskinsky 

   Recitation Needed!

 Blue Sunday
 ..reminiscing about a lost lover on a lonely weekend day.

   Photo - "Rose Window" by Marlene Burns

   Recited by Kristina Wright

 Bottled Monster
 ..about a lonely man seeking a woman to be his salvation.

   Intro Image - "einstein" by  Jean-Yves Lemeur              
   Empact Image - "tristesse d'un soir" by Jean-Yves Lemeur

   Recited by Andrew Harvie

 Bridge to Heaven
 ..about the bridge that binds use with our loved ones who've passed on...written with my daughter Abbey

   Intro Image - "The Bridge" by Jerry Browning
   Empact Image - "The Gathering" by Giorgio Vaselli

  Sang by Jerry and Abbey Browning

 Broken Bond
..about letting go and gliding into the eternal.. in memory of Stephen Lucas, a wonderful artist.

   Intro Image - "Cosmic Loop" by  Corey Ford              
   Empact Image - "Lite Brought Forth by the Archkeeper" by Stephen Lucas

   Recited by Steven Mane

 Broken Glass
..about how being grounded to your room looks through the eyes of a young boy.

   Intro Image - "Bowl of Marbles" by Carla Kurt             
    Empact Image - "Boy in Window" by Reb Frost             

   Recited by Darcy Maguire

 Broken Hearts and Heavy Seas
..about a sailor leaving a lover and heading back to the call of the sea.

   Intro Image - "Daybreak" by Karin Best
    Empact Image - "Liquid Blue" by  Slade Roberts  (website

  Sang by Jerry Browning

 Buried Treasures
..about an old sailor giving up the sea.

   Intro Image - "Sailing" by Jennifer Geiss   
Empact Image - "Moonlight Bay" by Steven Palmer 

   Recited by Zack McComas

 Butterfly Effect
..about the death of John Lennon...written on a hangover.

   Intro Image - "Butterfly: Take Two" by  MPMG               
   Empact Image - "Part XIV The Ladder To The Sky" by enigma-astralis

  Recited by Jerry Browning
Video by AegisHikaru


 C.I.C. (Combat Information Center)
..about what it feels like to maintain and operate the most powerful weapons system in the world...written from real experience.

   Intro Image - Unknown (found here) - please contact me if you are the owner
   Empact Image  - "Zoomers" by Jerry Browning

   Recited by Chris Christiansen

 Calling Out God
..about a christian who questions god's motives.

   Intro Image - "Spirit in the Sky" by Ted Hebbler
    Empact Image - "Evaluation" by Carmen Hathaway

 Calling Out God  Empact Image -  "Banquet of Souls" by Robert Matson

    Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

 Captain Ambition
.about how it feels to watch the fall of a megalomaniac like Osama Bin Laden or Adolph Hitler.

   Artwork - "Mantis" by Ben Van Rooyen    

   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

 Card, The
..about a kid during the Vietnam era receiving his draft notice in the mail and knowing inside he's going to die over there.

   Photo by "Vietnam Era Draft Card" by A Victor Reyes

  Recited by Jerry Browning

..about the crazy overwhelming feeling of being in love

   Intro Image - "Alive" by  Barron Holland             
   Empact Image - "Lover's Dream" by Kurt Van Wagner

    Recited by Amanda Riley

 Chain Mail
..a humorous look at loathing entering poetry contests.

   Intro Image - "Medieval Armour" by Elizabeth Hoskinson
    Empact Image - "Grim Reaper" by Katie Alphonsi

   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

 Charlie Thrash
..this is a true story....I went to the geriatric home in my hometown to do a speech for a public speaking assignment in college.

   Artwork - "Mamas Canal" by Skip Hunt  

   Recited by greygelgoog

 Child of the World
..about seeing a shooting star and feeling the insignificance of being on this tiny planet. This started it all, my first poem.

   Intro Image - "The Big Bang" by Evelyn Patrick
   Empact Image - "The death and possible life after of Lewis Paine" by Richard Hubal    

   Recited by Darcy Maguire 

 Christmas Time in Naples
..about being in the military and spending Christmas away from home.

  Intro Image - "Another Blue Christmas" by Barbara White
    Empact Image from the digital archive of the University of North Texas

  Sang by Jerry Browning

..an outrageous look at a man's struggle to re-enter the womb.

   Artwork - "Body and Soul" by Karin Kuhlman

   Recitation Needed!

 Cosmic Psalm
..a prayer to the universal mind

   Intro Image - "Big Bang" by Jerry Browning                     
   Empact Image "BirthDaze" by Carmen Hathaway

  Recited by Tomoyo Ichijouji

 Crescent Moon
..portrait of the awkward feeling before the first kiss and onward from there.

   Intro Image - "Nocturnes" by Jean-Louis Lassez              
   Empact Image - "June Breeze" by Hiroko Sakai  

   Recited by Amanda Riley

 Crimson Sin
..about the mess of a planet we leave the children.

   Artwork - "Memoirs of Bloody Sunset" by Veronica Jackson 

   Recited by Paul Finlay

 Crusader, The
..about my journey into life and those I've left behind.

   Artwork - "Midnight Joust" by Lisa Gabrius

   Recited by Amanda Riley

 Curious Boy
..about how simple being kind and caring seems through the eyes of a child.

   Artwork - "Boy and Girl on Bench" from this advertisement

  Sang by Jerry Browning



..about the decline of a great nation and a generation that thought they would be the different.

 Intro Image - "Scared" by Randall Ciotti   
Empact Image - "Damned" by Catherine Sprague 

   Recited by greygelgoog

 Dance Demon
..about a human's struggle to keep his temper and mouth from destroying what he loves.

  Artwork - "El Hombre Y Sus Temores" by Joe Santana  

   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

..about getting picked up and having a fantasy night with a beautiful woman but wise enough to understand the consequences.

Artwork - "Dusk" by Eric Cobb

  Sang by Jerry Browning

 Death of a Genre
..about the obsolescence of a genre.. nothing last forever. Even Homer and Shakespeare will be forgotten in time.

 Intro Image - "The Fruit Man" by Elen And-Israel
Empact Image - "Jester" by Maria Gilbert

  Recited by Jerry Browning

 Déjà Vu
..about seeing someone for the first time and knowing you've loved them somewhere before.

Intro Image - "Ogden Point Breakwater" by Viet Tran  
  Empact Image - "Stoned Bridge New Orleans" by  Ted Hebbler

   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

.yearning once again for the woman of my wildest dreams...have I met her and don't know it? will I ever meet her?

Intro Image - "The Afternoon Lover" by  xIxKilledxSuicidex
Empact Image - "Resurection" by xIxKilledxSuicidex

   Recited by Anthony Caraman

..about meeting and making love to a beautiful woman in the unlikeliest of places, but it not satisfying your soul.

Intro Image - "The Cherry Tree at Overlook Garden" by  Phyllis Franklin              
  Empact Image - "Marsha's Evening Walk" by Phyllis Franklin 

   Recited by Chase Hobby

..about wanting to be a faulted martyr.

   Artwork - "Torn Reaction number 2" by Richard Hubal

  Recited by Jerry Browning

 Dolly Blue Eyes
..about trying to understand a mentally disturbed lover.

   Artwork - "Flowers for You"  by Natalie Holland

   Recited by Pedro Franco C Pinto


 Earliest Memory
..about a real dream I used to have and a real memory of my mother's reaction of not wanting to hear it because it disturbed her....feels kind of like a foreshadowing of my life

   Intro Image  - "Generation Gap" by Maria Disley          
    Empact Image - "Tanis Foot" by Donna Corliss          

   Recited by Adam Bullock

....about how art is the only thing that truly ties time and space as well as religion and myth together

  Artwork - "Echoes" by Jerry Browning

   Recited by Gianni Matragrano

..about laying in bed at night looking at the red light on the smoke detector and wondering if it's a hidden camera...paranoia.

    Intro Image - "Smoke Alarm Face" by Digger Digger Dogstar               
    Empact Image - "Komodo Dragon Eye" by  Linda Sannuti

  Recited by Jerry Browning

 Enchanted Rock
..about rock climbing at Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas and that deep fear we love to hide and challenge.

    Intro Image -  Visit Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas            
     Empact Image - "Fall" by Shelley Jones

  Recited by Jerry Browning

 Endless Night
..about waiting for the end...you know they don't want you anymore, but you refuse to see it until it dawns upon you on an endless night...please let me sleep!

   Artwork - "Bird in the Trees" by Beth Edwards (website)

  Recited by Andrew Harvie

 Enlightenment Lounge, The
..a tongue-in-cheek dream about dying and meeting the great minds of history in limbo.

Intro Image - "The Enlightenment Lounge" by  Ted Hebbler
   Empact Image - "The Human Cave" by  Eric Edelman

  Recited by Jerry Jones

 ..about the death of my beloved father. I was angry then, but have since overcome it

   Photo - "Gravesite"* by Jerry Browning

  Recited by Jerry Browning

..about the drive to push the frustration of the world away with iron. My buddy John and I used to hit the gym so hard in those days that we wouldn't quit until one of us threw up.

   Intro Image  - "Weights in a Row" by OsirisPUNK            
    Empact Image - "Exorcism" by Alan Taylor Jefferies 

  Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

..about the excitement of facing fear

   Artwork "The Cliff" by Karen Masters

   Recited by Aimee Smith


 Falling Star
 ..about how bad the realization that you will never get to have the lover you so desire.....star-crossed seems like such a trite, but true metaphor.

   Artwork - "The Cat" by Diane Daigle 

   Recited by Shawnee Miles

 ..about the glimmer of light that keeps us going.

   Artwork - "Watercolor Sunset" by Jerry Browning

   Recited by Lisa Di Mauro

 Fight, The
 ..based on a true story from my childhood...even being raised old school taught me women still ruled the roost.

Intro Image- "Anger" by Danielle Konopka
Empact Image - "Struggle" by Kevin Middleton

  Recited by John Walker

 Flow, The
..about how the arts are in the eye of the beholder and how you wonder what great work we missed because it was never noticed.

Intro Image - "New Door to the Past" by Jerry Browning
Empact Image - "Frozen Flow 1" by Jerry Browning

  Recited by Casey Chartier-Vignapiano

 Forbidden Fruit
 ..about a man wrestling with fielding the advances of his bosses' wife....ut, oh.

   Artwork  - "Temptation" by Gene Gregory

   Recited by Zack McComas


 Gentle Breeze
..based on the death of Socrates.

   Intro Image - "Romeo and Juliet" by Todd Peterson                  
   Empact Image - "Red Maple Leaf" by  Darrell Storts

   Recited by Morgan Barnhart

  Girl Next Door
..about a little boy having his first encounter with the fairer sex.

   Artwork - "With These Hands -- Wonder" by Carol Allen Anfinsen

   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

 Green Door, The
 ..about getting lucky one night in the local watering hole and looking for her to come back, but she never does.

   Poster from "The Green Door" starring Marilyn Chambers

   Recitation Needed!

 Glass-Bottom Boat
..about a person dealing with clinical depression.

   Artwork - "Glass Bottom Boat" by Jerry Browning        
     Morphed from these two ads - ad1 and ad2

  Recited by Andrew Chung


 Hoedown at the Robot Farm
 ..a fantasy about a inter-planetary county fair...I was in weapons control school where I was living and breathing electronics...obviously

   Artwork - "Crazy train 2" by Samantha Gilbert

  Sang by Jerry Browning

 Honeymoon in Paris
..about lovers in Paris who make the town their own.

  Intro Image - "City of Paris at sunset from Eiffel tower - " by  Pierre Lecler
     Empact Image - "Paris Hotel at Night" by Anita Burgermeister

 Recited by Dani Zipporah

..about a lonely guy house sitting and dreaming of what he doesn't have, but desperately wants and needs.

   Intro Image - "Haunted Houst" - Quwatha Valentine         
    Empact Image - "Tattered Curtains" - Quwatha Valentine

   Recitation Needed!

 How do I lust thee?
 ..a bawdy, humorous poke at the Victorian love poets.

   Artwork - "Wild Passion"  by Natalie Holland

   Recited by Jerry Browning

 Human Race
 ..about the marathon of life..how much ground have you covered?

   Intro Image - "Marathon" by Paul Tokarski                  
    Empact Image - "Birth of Earth" by Donna Proctor

  Recited by Luna Catz

 ..about love turning frigid and dying

   Intro Image - "Rooftop of the World" by Debi Peralta  (website                       
    Empact Image- "Blood Diamond" by Theodora Dimitrijevic (website

 Recited by Derek Jackson


 I Am Old
..a christian's view of looking back on their life and forward to the next one....written for my grandparents when I was a teenager.

   Intro Image - "Ellen Corby " here's a link to a tribute page to her            
   Empact Image - "Country Road" by Darice Machel McGuire 

  Recited by Daniel Kulkarni

 I Still Love You
..about thinking back on an old romance and wanting that feeling back.. and fooling yourself.

   Artwork - "Clear Blue 2" by Stuart Gilbert 

  Recited by Dani Zipporah

 I Take the Blame
..about a kid being done wrong by a girl, but letting it go.

   Artwork - "Torn" by Catherine G. McElroy

  Sang by Jerry Browning

 In Thru the Out Door
..about a guy who always skirts around the rules and figures he'll be doing it to the end.

   Artwork  -  "Approach" by Karin Kuhlman

  Sang by Jerry Browning

..a satire on infomercials and nuclear holocaust...yes, it really is! I wrote this shortly after we were rammed by the Russians in the Black Sea.

   Artwork  - "Vertigo" by Michael Finney

    Recited by greygelgoog


  Just Words
..about the realization that it doesn't matter what I or anyone else writes or says...they're just words.

  Intro Image - "Think" by Kristine Nora
   Empact Image - "Red Umbrella" by Kristine Nora

   Recited by Zakuro Fujiwara


..asks the question - are we all not Christ, the sons and daughters of God? 

   Intro Image - "The Light of Day" by  Nirvana Blues              
   Empact Image - "The Chosen One" by Tony Murray  

 Kiss, The
..about a sailor's last thoughts as his ship goes down.

  Intro Image - "Toast" by LorAnge Marcel          
   Empact Image - "Stare" Copyright © Clayton Bruster           

   Recited by Mark Cox

 ..a witty little look at science and philosophy.

   Intro Image - "The Undisturbed Life Of An Apple" - Olga Hutsul
Empact Image  - "Dream Gates" by 

   Recited by Jerry Browning


 Lady Doll
 ..about the euphoria of being a newly wed.

   Artwork - "Blind me No" by Rajinder Aggarwal

 Last Mustang, The
 ..this is one of most popular poems receiving hundreds of views a month...about the the end of the dream of the old west and what it stood for.

   Intro Image - "Running from the Storm" by  Kathyrn Bartscht                 
   Empact Image - "Mustang" by  Ian Morton 

   Recited by Sophie

 Last Rebel Shot, The
 ..questions if universal peace and total order is really what mankind needs...could be boring.

   Photo by Dr. Harold Edgerton of MIT      

   Recited by Zack McComas

 Left Lane
 ..portrays a the thoughts that gnaw on a young man's soul as he leaves home to head out on his own

  Intro Image - "SideView Mirror" by  Jeff Breiman                    
   Empact Image - "Incubator" by Gabriel Forgottenangel      

 ..an alien's view of the earth millions of years from now

   Intro Image - "earth" by  LaserAbe
   Empact Image - "Legacy" by Jerry Browning
      Altered Photo from NASA archives found here

 Let the People Talk
 ..heading back to the single world appreciating the relationship that broke apart instead of being angry or sad about it...a guide on how to break up with a lover with a touch of class

   Artwork - "Star is Born" by  Karin Kuhlmann      

   Recited by Miranda G.

 Let’s Run
 ..written in the Harris county jail...I got in a barroom brawl over a woman and landed two counts of assaulting a police officer, public intoxication, and a few old traffic warrants...I had to memorize this because I didn't have a pencil and paper

   Intro Image - "Spirit Bird" by  Julie Grace        
Empact Image - "Paint for Me" by  Karin Kuhlmann     

  Recited by Cameron Jones

 Letting Go
 ..about finally being able to truly let go of someone you're dearly in love with

   Intro Image - "Avian Blue 1" by  Angela Wesselman-Pierce
   Empact Image - "Letting Go" by Angela Wesselman-Pierce

 Life Longing
 ..a young man's dream of what love and marriage should eventually be

   Artwork - "Wind and sun" by Asbjorn Lonvig  

  Recited by Daniel Kulkarni

Lighthouse Belle
 ..about a woman who's you guiding light and shelter from the storm

   Intro Image - "Portland Head Light - Stormy Night" by Maria O'Brien
   Empact Image- "Pianos and Guitars" by Chaline Ouellet       

   Recited by Ben Keopraseuth

 Lost and Found
 ..about being lost in the forest, but finding your soul

   Intro Image - "River-Run" by  Richard Rizzo             
  Empact Image - "Logan-Pass" by Richard Rizzo

   Recited by Michael P. Watson

 Love Unreturned
 ..about loving a country even when it feels like it doesn't love you back

   Artwork - "Uncle Sam Says" by Gra Howard  

  Recited by Aimee Smith     

 ..a little song about being on the road, missing your lover, and trying to sleep

   Intro Image - "The Jealousy of the Stars" by Tony Murray and Linda Mungerson
   Empact Image - "Star Seeds" by Jim Coe

 Lyin’ in the Dark
 ..about the duality of a married couple who play out the charade to themselves while their heart's wonder elsewhere

   Artwork - "Shadows in Bed/Broken Lovers"* by Sheeshasan

   Arranged and performed by Blake William Hickey


..a brief and direct take on the death of a romance

   Artwork - "This is not love dear" by Safak Tulga

   Recited by Beth Cotler

 Marc Anthony
..about how it feels to be a warrior poet...what is it in men that make the thrill of the hunt carry over into love?...play the recording, the intro is Marlon Brando in Julius Caesar

   Artwork - "Warrior" by David Lee Thompson
   Marlin Brando clip from the Julius Ceasar (1953)

 March 6, 1982
..about the death of John Belushi

   Intro Image - "Aria 4" by  Xristoph              
   Empact Image - "chant 02" by Xristoph      

..a take on the sad life of Marilyn Monroe

   Intro Image - "Marilyn" by  Jan Olav Forberg                 
   Empact Image - "She Finally Left the Room" by Lina Scarfi   

  Recited by Daniel Kulkarni

Mariner’s Holiday, A
..written on the last of three holidays spent overseas in the Navy.  This poem is based on a real setting and shows the gritty reality of what it's like to spend the holidays in a foreign port.

   Artwork - "Bellusa Cafe No.2" by Sascha Meyer

    Recited by Phillip Martin

 Mason Jar
..about the thoughts of a man trapped in a coma

   Intro Image - "Mason Jar" by Robert Matson                 
   Empact Image - "Euthanasia" by Jerry Browning 

   Recited by Brad Leither

..first love poem I ever wrote...I love looking back on the old ones and smile at the naivety

   Artwork - "Ave oculta en el paraiso " by Nance Almazon  

  Recited by John Walker

 Mental Menopause
..written ten years before I got married and probably why I was thirty-two before I did

   Artwork - "Planned Obsolescence" by Bob Salo     

  Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

 Mermaid, The
..about a sailors longing for female companionship after being at sea for a while

Artwork - "Twilight Reflection" by Jean Hildebrant

..this was written in 1987 about the millennium which seem so far away at the time and is actually hopeful

   Artwork - "Rising" by Gabriel Forgottenangel  
   "Millennium Odometer" by Jerry Browning

    Recited by Michael P. Watson

 Mistress Youth
..an old man's look back at his youthful lust...funny how the stories become better in retrospect than actually happened

   Intro Image - "Old Man from the Sea" by Jerry Browning
   Empact Image - "Guilty Pleasure" by Conor O'Brien 

 Misty Dawn
..an analogy of a tryst with a beautiful woman and the long shadow of possible nuclear war....really

   Artwork - "Apostate" by Todd Peterson    

..a love poem of two people putting the pieces of their former lives together to create a beautiful relationship in the present

   Intro Image - "Magical Energy" by  Linda Sannuti                 
    Empact Image - "Shards of Glass" by  Julie Grace       

      Recited by Alison H.

 My Girl
..written in the middle of the night in boot camp.  One of my buddies came up with the melody and the line "she is my girl, the girl I love" and wrote the rest

   Artwork - "Parque Mistico" by  Angel Ortiz


 Network of the Lonely
..portrait of a lonely guy walking the streets in the 1980s

   Artwork - "Street of Dreams"* by liOneSS-178

   Recited by Melanie Quintos

  New Jerusalem
..a look at the current political climate with implied biblical references

  Image - "As I see It" by Alan Zinn
  Empact Image - "Eyes on Ellis" by Alan Zinn

 Nocturnal Voyage
..a portrait of the magical odyssey of two starry-eyed lovers

   Artwork - "Lovers' Conjunction" by  Martin J Powell 

   Recited by Morgan Barnhart

.. nyctophobia is the fear of the dark. Stephane Trahan's painting makes this piece...make sure you click on the Empact Image to get the full effect...this feels like "Child of the World" lite...less words, but more filling

   Artwork - "Riders of the Storm" by Stéphane Trahan

   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

    Nyctophobia  recited by Grant Kelley

    Nyctophobia recited by Roberto Facondo


 Of Flesh and Fear
...a look at partners living life with HIV (AIDS) and trying to cope with it's reality...please practice safe sex boys and girls

   Artwork 1 - "HIV - Virus"* by  Scotito87

   Recited by Sean Cook

 Ol’ Ticker
..a silly little poem about feeling so much love you could burst

   Artwork  - "Clockwork" by LaserAbe

  Recited by John Walker

 On the Air Waves
..poetry and art are merely arrows shot into the infinite mind

   Intro Image - Unknown - (I see this all over, please contact me if you know the artist)
    Empact Image - "Flaming Arrow" by

 On the Other Hand
..about the horror of domestic violence...WARNING: the recording done with my daughter Abbey is disturbing

   If you are the victim of domestic violence, get help here  

 One Current
..about the fear of dying alone and the fear of being buried

  Intro Image - "Emotion" by David Lane         
Empact Image - advertisement from the Cancer Patients Aid Association of India

..that ancient hunter haunts us from the heavens once again

  Intro Image - "The Hunter" by Jerry Browning                 
   Empact Image - "Orion" by Jerry Browning      

   Recited by Alison H.


..about being a captive of loneliness and the scars it creates

   Artwork - ""West Coast Blvd and the Dreams of Broken Men"" by  Thomas Clyde   

 Pair o' Ducks
..about the paradox of the hopeless feelings of a strained relationship

   Artwork - "Just Ducky" by  Henry Powers   

 Paradise Lost
..about taking a good woman for granted and regretting the choices you made and the things you've done

   Photo by my best friend John Palombo at Havasu Falls in '82

 Paula’s Poem
..how much does a beautiful woman define nature?...we poet's try but never quite get there

   Intro Image - "Paula" by Natalie Holland                  
    Empact Image - "Ocean Heart" by Diana Maus

  Recited by ~Nyachu~

 Perfect Game, A
..about my favorite game in the world. I wrote this after reading an article in Sport Illustrated about Mark Buerle's perfect game. It may be my most popular piece. The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame asked for permission to use it sometime.

   Artwork - "The Pitch" by Tim Allen  

..about the secret place in a loving relationship between a man and a woman

   Intro Image - "Imagine" by  Kelly Jade Thomas                  
   Empact Image - "Body Heat II" by Donna Proctor   

  Recited by Derek Jackson

..about that big timing, made up woman who wants to be a jet-setter but needs a normal man on the side to just make love to

   Artwork - "Memories" by Reinfried Marass

 Prince Charming
..about that good-time guy who beds the pretty girls but still deals with his private insecurities

   Artwork - "Barflys " by Nance Almazon

..about loving a beautiful, innocent girl who's demons somehow prevent her from letting go and giving you her all

   Intro Image - "Flight" by  Chaline Ouellet              
   Empact Image - "Betrayed" by Chaline Ouellet          


.about the a young mother's hellish choice to give her baby up for it's own good

   Artwork - "Renewed Strength" by Al Stewart, Sr  

..a comparison of the circle of life and drop of rain

   Intro Image - "drops" by © Maria O'Brien                 
   Empact Image - "Water Magic" by  Kevin Callahan

 Rainy Day
..about letting go of this world on a rainy day and soaring through the cleansing drops into the next realm

   Artwork - "Rainy Day" by Alexander Volkov

 Recited by Dani Zipporah

 Rape of the Republic
..a testament to the frustration and shame at the current political situation in the US and around the world.

   Intro Image - "End of the Road" by Beth Smith
   Empact Image - "Constitution's Last Stand" by Beth Smith

   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

..an old man looks back on a life of adventure to forget the lonely, sad place he exists in now

   Artwork - "Adrift" by  Claude McCoy

..seems like media monsters rise up every few decades playing the 'you're not a patriot if you don't what we say' card...McCarthy in the fifties and most recently the Bush/Rove machine

   Intro Image- "Dirty Money" by Steven Richardson 
   Empact Image - "Antichrist" by Michael Kulick 

 Richer for the Ride
..about the appreciation of the love and beautiful found by a wandering man

   Artwork - "Girl in Green Aston" by Geoffrey Greene  

..about how the runt of the liter usually turns out to be the best dog a family ever had. Rikki got injured and had to be put down two and a half years later at the age of five...she was best damned dog I ever saw!

   Intro Image - "Shy Rikki" by Jerry Browning
   Empact Image - "Rikki and Peonies" by Jerry Browning

   Recited by Sophie

..there's nothing like watching your brand new wife lay there asleep after you've made love to her

   Artwork  - "Druantia and Aengus Og" by Helena Nelson-Reed    

  Recited by Cameron Jones

 Rollin’ Away
..about running away from pain and finding beauty and comfort where you least expect it

   Artwork - "Desert Moon" from VisualParadox.com 

 Route 69
..an erotic poem comparing making love to driving on the highway

   Intro Image  - "Either way on 69" by Jerry Browning                  
    Empact Image - "Nighty Night" by Lawrence Supino        

   Recited by Beth Cotler


 Salem Church
..written about a spooky old church I used to have to walk past as a child and the nightmares it gave me

   Intro Image - "Salem Church" by Jerry Browning
   Empact Image - "Guiding Light" by  Richard Rizzo

..about the anguish at watching the fall of a great empire

   Artwork - "Fall of Babylon" by John Martin        

   Recited by Michael P. Watson

 Santa’s Greatest Gift

..a sick humored piece written while overseas at Christmas for the second time in three years while in the navy.

   Artwork - from an article in BiPolarPlanet found here            

 Saturday Morning
..a portrait of a man's love for his mate and their everyday life

   Intro Image - "Sweet Melody" by Natalie Holland
   Empact Image - "Adam and Eve Sunrise" by Angelina Vick  

   Recited by Gianni Matragrano

..about the seasons of life in all their raw glory

   Intro Image - "Frozen Savannah" by  ChokeCherry09                 
   Empact Image - "Fire-Earth-Air-Water" by MPMG

..about being led to the other side after death by a loved one who's passed before you

   Intro Image - "Birth Then Death" by  Michelle Spiziri            
   Empact Image - "Butterfly and Flowers" by Natalie Holland  

 Shaman Trance
..an edgy escape into an ancient shaman's trance

    Intro Image - "Shaman" by  Ian Morgan           
    Empact Image - "Lycanthropes Moon" by Ian Morgan

   Recited by Derek Jackson

 Sizzling Rain
..about the loneliest night of a man's young life

   Artwork  - "Drizzled Window" by Joe Bonita         

 Slap Your Monkey
..written in the Navy to blow off a little steam...we used to get off the ship, get pretty intoxicated, and sing this song on the way back to the ship

   Artwork - "Berhnard" by Asbjorn Lonvig  

 Sleepytown (Emily’s Lullaby)
..a lullaby I wrote my for my daughter when she was baby

   Intro Image - "Jordy and Daddy" by  ©CLMillo Photography
   Empact Image - "A Child's Dream: Candy Land" by Urban-Banana

   Arranged and performed by Blake William Hickey

 Snooze Alarm
..written about the that sweet time of day when I snuggle with my wife before getting up for work

   Artwork - "Blue" by TerryAnne Groehler            

 Song of the Serpent
..a gritty little ditty about a naughty man trying to have his way with something sweet and pretty...LOL

   Intro Image  - "Hiding in the Garden" by Gene Gregory 
    Empact Image - "Lucifer Moon Rising" by Sam Hane 

 Spirit of Eve
..about an innocent young man's view of girl he places on a pedestal

   Intro Image - "Wild Child" by  Jerry Browning                
   Empact Image - "Eve" by Kristina Ellis   

   Recited by Daniel Kulkarni

 Spirit of Yorktown, The
..written for my shipmates. "If you get out honorably (combat vet or not), no matter where you go or what you do, you'll almost always find another veteran there... and a brother with a bond the rest will never understand."- Jarred W. Browning (my dad)

   Intro Image - USS Yorktown CG-48 Standard Publicity Photo                
   Empact Image - "Shipmates Never Die" by Robert Matson

 Star Shell
..a melancholy song about the desire to escape the sadness of this old planet for a better place

   Artwork - "darkestsunrise3"* by Robert Matson 

   Recited by Sean Cook

 Stark Reality
..the USS Stark was hit by an Iranian missile when it failed to react quickly enough to the situation. We were on the USS Yorktown at that time in harms way and knowing that incident could very well have been us inspired this poem.

   Intro Image - USS Stark FFG-31 linked to a site telling their story                 
   Empact Image - from Air Power Austrailia

 Storm at Sea
..written while waiting to go into battle in the Gulf of Sidra (Libya) in the eighties

   Intro Image - "Flying Dutchman" by Sandra Winiasz               
   Empact Image - "Taste of Blood" by Evelyn Patrick

   Recited by Michael W. Guthrie

 Stormy Night
..about lying in bed with your wife on a stormy night watching the lightning and listening to the rain dance across the rooftop

   Artwork 1 - "Rude Awakening" by  Diane Daigle                     

   Recited by ~SBeth Cotler

 Street Wise
written before rap..about the plight of a poor inner city kid and the vortex that is the ghetto

   Intro Image - Artwork - "Male portrait 2" by Annette E. Bank          
    Empact Image - "Breathe" by rave8259            

   Recited by Cameron Jones

 Stroke of Midnight
..about a young man look at the underbelly of the world around him

   Intro Image - "photowalk_67"* by © Maria O'Brien
   Empact Image - "Monsters in busling" by Thomas Clyde

   Recited by Melanie Quintos

..so evil, but so wild you can't resist her...ummmmmm

   Intro Image - "Demons versus Angels" by Shelley Jones               
    Empact Image - "Spooky" by Natalie Holland   

   Recited by Josh Gonyea

.about a young man taking off on his motorcycle and riding towards god know where

    Intro Image - "Morning Flight" by  Diane Merkle
    Empact Image - "Sun Spots" by  Darrell Storts

..a look at how the love of a good woman becomes a man's savior

   Artwork - "Guardian Angel" by  Ryan Salo

   Recited by Gianni Matragrano


 Tainted Charm
..about feeling sorry for Jesus' legacy

   Intro Image - "Chapel" by Shelley Jones                 
   Empact Image - "Rosary" by V Holeček  

   Recited by Tomoyo Ichijouji

 Tainted Charm
   Recited by Zakuro Fujiwara

 Terminal D
..about a chance encounter with a beautiful woman but then just having to watch her walk away

   Intro Image - "Airport Serie-1" by  Oliver Peters
   Empact Image - "The Terminal" by JFucksia-Kia

 Thanatos Lullaby
..about succumbing to the big sleep and how it's just part of the circle of life

    Intro Image- "The Other Side" by  Richard Rizzo
    Empact Image - "Night Light" by Diane Merkle

    Recited by Brad Leither

..that beautiful, intoxicating ride of seducing a good woman

   Intro Image - "Amusement Park" by  Barron Holland              
   Empact Image - "Secret Garden" by Barron Holland 

   Recited by Melanie Quintos

..written to my first love when I realized there was no way fate would ever let us be together and I took off for the bright lights and big city

   Intro Image  - "Archeologists extracting ancient lover" - from MSNBC      
Empact Image - "The Lovers" by Erika Brown 

   Recited by Beth Cotler

 To A Son Unknown
..I went through a abortion with a girl when I was young and will be haunted by it for the rest of my life

   Artwork  - "Turquoise Door" by Yvonne Ayoub       

  Recited by Brian Croft    

 Toast, A
..about feeling how that soulmate everyone says is out there may be in some bar some place aching for you as well

   Intro Image - "Toast" by Aleksandar Zisovski
    Empact Image - "Cheers"  by Natalie Holland    

..about that moment when a man realizes her push a woman he loves too far...maybe over the brink!

   Artwork - "Fallen Angel" by Victoria Miller © 2010

 Too Long
..written when I used to hang out in the "Urban Cowboy" dancehalls in Houston back in the 80s

    Artwork - "Dancehall Love"* by Jerry Browning

  Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

..this kind of puts it all in perspective...which is, it's all perspective...possibly one of best pieces ever written

   Intro Image - "Old Man at Bar" by  Paul Tiberio              
   Empact Image - "Ruined Temple" by Miranda Miranda    

 Toss Me a Line
  Artwork - "Llandadno and Karbonkelberg Cape Town South Africa 2006" by Enver Larney

  Recited by Jenna Tafoya

 Tormented Soul, A
.a portrait of the demon's that haunt me...I was always told I was a miracle and god has a plan for me...that's a lot to live with

   Artwork - "Young English Poet" by ~InTenebris  

    Recited by Jake White

 Total Eclipse
.. wondering how long before someone pushes "the button"

   Intro Image  -  "Fire and Ice" by Laura Swink          
   Empact Image  -  "Oppenheimer's Daisy" by Jon Baldwin 

   Recited by Morgan Barnhart

 Total Eclipse
   Recited by Julie Hoverson of  "19 Nocturne Boulevard"

..about the realization that not even Homer and Shakespeare will be remembered forever

   Intro Image - "Step Up to Spirit" by  Donna Proctor                  
   Empact Image - "Sensory Chaos - Autism" by Donna Proctor      

  Recited by Tomoyo Ichijouji

 True Love
about loving your family and friends.....written for my little sister when I decided to leave home and head for Texas.

   Photo - "Abbey and the Josie" by Jerry Browning         

   Recited by Alison H.

 Turning Seasons
this captures the feelings of old-school lovers who didn't share their thoughts verbally...I'm glad times have changed

   Intro Image - "December Evening" by  Diane Merkle           
   Empact Image - "Brown Study" found here   


..oh that search for something never lost or left behind

   Intro Image  - "Grand Canal at Sunset No. 2" by Joe Bonita
    Empact Image - "Paris Quartier Latin 01 " by Yuriy Shevchuk 

  Recited by Tomoyo Ichijouji
  Recited by John Walker

.about that alternate existence that we enter when we turn out the lights on this one to start another day

   Intro Image - "Ocean's View 09" by Roxy Riou                  
   Empact Image  - "See You" by Carmen Hathaway

   Recited by Paul Finlay


 Wave, The
..about the feeling of surfing the air waves

     Intro Image - "North Shore" by  Gayle Etcheverry          
      Empact Image - "Pipeline" by Gayle Etcheverry               

   Recited by Morgan Barnhart

 When You Shine
..a song I wrote for my lovely wife on Mother's Day in 2004

   Artwork - "Lighthouse" by Rob Hare

 White Elephant
..about the how the games people play are captured and made public through technology

   Intro Image - "Yin and Yang" by Skip Hunt 
    Empact Image - "Into" by Carmen Hathaway

   Recited by Morgan Barnhart

 Wildwood, N.J.
..about the Jersey boardwalk in 1985...it was rockin'!

   Intro Image - "Jersey Girls Point Pleasant" by  Kevin Callahan                
   Empact Image - "Strange New Babylon" by V Holeček

   Recited by Zack McComas

 Will to be Wicked
..about a rowdy guy feeling the pressure of dealing with a young family and all the responsiblities

   Artwork - "Nude and Flowers" by Dianne Connolly

..this piece says volumes with few words...love will find a way

   Photo - "Kite Eating Cherry Tree"* by philliefan99

   Recited by Morgan Barnhart

 Window Seat
..sometimes when you think back on your childhood and who you really are, you end up disappointed in what you've become even if you're what's deemed "successful"

   Intro Image - "Flying First Class, Baby" by Jerry Browning
   Empact Image - "a Well" by Juha M. Kinnunen

   Recited by Aaron Velliky

 Window, The
..about growing up watching the Vietnam War on TV had a profound effect on my generation...I can't believe those who were made to go fight that mistake turned around and repeated it in Iraq...no lesson learned

   Intro Image - put together from two photos on web  -  contact me if you are the owner.
      Dan Rather photo clip from here
   Empact Image - ""Freedom" (Free doom) under Vietnamese Communist Regime "
      by Viet Tran

 Winter Rose
..about the loneliness and pain of a man and woman being seperated by a military deployment

   Artwork - "Rose in the Snow" by Mindy Newman    

 Wonder Bar, The
..about being literally haunted by an old love

   Artwork - "Study of An Angel" by Stuart Gilbert               

  Recited by John Walker


..a sappy poem about love and nature

   Intro Image- "River" by Peter Rodulfo              
   Empact Image- "Together Through Life" by Peter Rodulfo

   Intro Image- "Love in Bloom" by Charles Roy Smith              
   Empact Image- "Together Through Life" by Peter Rodulfo

   Intro Image- "River" by Peter Rodulfo              
   Empact Image- "Love in Bloom" by Charles Roy Smith

  Recited by Steven Mane


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