fickle white paper

seduces my spirit

excites my senses

absorbs my passion

and taunts...my impotent



when the pencil strikes the pad

that thin smear of graphite

charts the distance

between me...and...reality

traces darken

with frustration


line after line

like piano strings

the words hammer out pain

fear and glory

in tune

out of time


don’t think

the effort dies fruitless

part of my life

just entered your soul

now i live on…

roll over Bram Stoker


Great Lakes, Illinois ‘84

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy

Empact Image - "I See You" by Kim Grier

Play "Bitten" recited by Nigel Lewis-Davidson

Nigel Lewis-Davidson  - Actor
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Nigel is an actor, voice-over artist and writer; he has taken lead and supporting roles in TV pilot, independent and short films; his voice has also been used in radio drama and a film trailer; he is a baritone singer..

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