Terminal D



Terminal D

I think I met an angel
in Atlanta at the airport
when I rode the crazy shuttle
going the wrong direction

for some odd reason
we were alone
in the busy, noisy station
no one witnessed her
but me

she had a friendly smile
and troubled look upon her face
"I should know better," she said
with a gentle southern accent
as we decided on a track

together and across
sharing curious glances
thinking of the chances
I tried casual conversation

she said she was heading home
to Shreveport for the holiday's
looking in her eyes
I could see her family's faces

she said she was a writer
musicals and screenplays
I asked her if I knew the shows
she called them
and I took her at her word

the voice upon the loudspeaker
boomed with cold authority
the doors burst open loudly
as she grabbed her bag
and walked away...
so, I went on
to terminal D

Runnells, Iowa '08


Intro Image - "Airport Serie-1" by  Oliver Peters
Empact Image - "The Terminal" by JFucksia-Kia

Play "Terminal D" recited by Ron Arthurs

Ron Arthurs  - Model, Actor
Western Australia

Ron was first introduced to theatre at 10 when he wrote, directed and starred in a school play. As an introverted 18 yo a friend suggested a drama cure. One of his first roles was in Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milkwood” - only one person showed-up. He has appeared in over 200 productions in WA and UK.

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