"No ladies and gentlemen, this is not something little girls sit around and do
 in the afternoon.  We're talking about the most dangerous game of our time! 
The ultimate test of democracy right in our very own living rooms."

   Owners-Greedy Rich People
   Managers/Coaches-The Republican Congress
   Pitchers-The Right Wing Media
   Catchers- Small-Minded Bigots
   Infield- Paranoid White People
   Outfield- Unrealistic Ideologists
   Designated Hitter- The Supreme Court

Play by Play:
                       ...tie game in the bottom of the 9th inning
First Batter-
   First Pitch:
       Use religion and biases to divide the people
        (oh, he leans over the plate to be intentionally hit by the pitch)

Next Batter-
   First Pitch:
       Set up a propaganda machine of disinformation
        (ball, that's in on hands, but..)
   The Runner Steals Second:
      Cheat to win a major election
   Second Pitch:
       Create wars and crisis while in office to redistribute wealth
         (the batter lays down a sacrifice and runner advances to third)

Next Batter-
     First Pitch:  
         Sabotage redress when out of power with stalemate tactics
          (the batter keeps stepping out of box when the pitcher winds up)
         Set up a brainwashed puppet organization
          (fed up umpires walk off the field leaving batters to call their own pitches)
     Next four pitches:  
          Gerrymander districts to retain control
          (the batter calls four straight strikes balls on himself and takes the base)

Next Batter-
      First Pitch:
           Suppress voters and manipulate rules
            (the batter calls a balk on the pitcher bringing home the winning run!)

Game Over

   Winners The 1%
   Losers The American People

Today's game was brought to you by our good friends the Koch Brothers
in conjunction with The Heritage Foundation

Runnells, Iowa 13