I Still Love You



I Still Love You

i grip my heart shaped rosary
chanting at your visionís smile
pulled inward by the whirlpool,
memory of your summer eyes

now, mono-colored leaves are falling
nights are growing cold and long
madonna of my youthful faith
you beckon me once again

awakening at the oddest hour
feeling a restless presence pacing
footfalls down a lonely corridor
reaching out to touch you
my frantic hands clumsily flail
thru your hologrammed soul

are you still out there?
have you like I, suffocated?
in the vacuum of a comfortable life

iíll gather the courage
iíll climb your perilous tower
sweep you from the dragonís mouth
hold you in my pulsing arms
and never let you go

Conroe, Texas Ď99


Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy

Empact Image - "Clear Blue 2" by Stuart Gilbert

Play "I Still Love You" recited by Dani Zipporah

Dani Zipporah  -Voice Actor, Musician
United Kingdom

Dani is an aspiring voice actor and musician who's done college production but is looking to get started in a professional career.

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