“Democrats and Republicans
                   Wake up! “

corporations and big money
own the politicians
and the media!
the death-nailed blow
was buying the Supreme Court’s
good ol’ “Citizens United”
should have been called
the “Gut and Divide It”

they've made life
for themselves
under the guise
of security
while lowering
and sheltering
their obligations
to those whose taxes
and hard work provide
the infrastructure
that allows their gains

they turn us
against each other
using our religions
our biases and our fear
through highly paid
talking heads
and what we call “ the news?”
as they double dip
making us pay for the wars
whose profits lined
and are still lining their wallets
politicians not cooperating
and the media
not seriously going after them
for the good of country
just prolongs their siphoning

they don't care about tolerance,
sacrificing for the greater good,
and honorable forthright play
which are the cornerstones
of life and liberty,
and the American way…
the greater generations
would be ashamed
of our lack of courage
and conviction
as we head down Rome's
declining roads of stone

Runnells, Iowa ‘13