if I were yours and you were mine
Iíd cherish each minute we shared
Iíd savor the smiles, giggles, and coos
swirling in the passionate air

Iíd wake you with a warm caress
kiss your cheek as I rush to the fray
ache for your lips thru the working grind
then return with a flower each day

mondays would bring you a daisy
dainty and soft as your honeyed skin
to lift you up if youíre feeling tired
reviving that sly, girlish grin

tuesdays would find an iris in hand
petals stretched toward the golden sun
praising your wisdom and courage
and the depth of unwavering love

wednesdays would leave a hydrangea
from the gardens of heavenís gate
that would pale in true resemblance
to your timeless beauty and grace

thursdays would be one step closer
to a weekend in raptureís arms
so, Iíd bring you a teasing lilac
as crisp as your feminine charm

each friday Iíd pick a wild flower
from some farmerís field or meadow
a different variety every week
representing some magic moment

on our way from saturdaysí market
Iíd secretly buy you wine and a rose
and place them on the nightstand
with a few lines of verse in a note

Iíd let you sleep in sunday mornings,
lay a carnation beside your sweet face
enriching your dreamy sensations
looking forward to next weekís bouquet

and in the bleak of a cruel winterís eve
as colors fade and float to the fire
you could let your tears drop on my chest with no explanation required

Grand Rapids, Michigan '14