lusting for a chance
to make the world change
the Grinch gathered recruits
and laid out the game…
“how do you kill giants?
with mere slings and stones…
let's drop the thin veil
exposing their egos”

mind-washed zealots
performed a hideous deed
giving rise to prejudice
hypocrisy and greed,
soon fear and anger
overpowered their values
as politicians caved and
opportunists smiled

they siphoned control
whis'ling homeland protection...
cooked conflicts and books
roadmapped misdirection
bankrupting the people
under loyalty’s guise
then the money was gone
but the fist squeezed tighter

indebted to the teeth
cubicled minions
and blue-collared fools
forsake education
blaming the helpless
and underemployed
they drink up false rhet'ric
as goodwill’s destroyed

now, bewildered vet'rans
walk disrepaired streets,
kids hide in cyberia
unaware of the heat,
and a trapped middle-class
line the bald eagle’s nest
watching parachutes fly
from filched private jets

Ketchikan, Alaska ‘13