How do I lust thee?



How do I lust thee?

by Jerry Wadsworth Longfellow
      (at least adequatefellow)

how do I lust thee
let me fantasize
i lust thee in the morning
i lust thee in the night

i lust thee on the way to work
i lust thee on the job
i lust thee in my solitude
i lust thee in a mob

i lust thee so severely
i know this poem doth suck
but when I get my hands on you
i値l never give you up

i値l kiss you 奏il your lips are bruised
i値l caress your tender breasts
i値l make love the way you need me to
and when you finally catch your breath

i値l hold you close in nature痴 glow
and look into your eyes
and show that my lust for you
will never fade with time

Houston, Texas 99

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