Chain Mail



Chain Mail

warning: do NOT read this poem
unless you are prepared
to deal with the consequences

there you go
now youíre in for it
if you donít rate this poem
with a witty comment
(at least 50 characters, of course)
your life will always feel
incomplete, unsatisfying
while your search for love
and honest meaning
will be a futile joke

now, if you donít rate it a ten
youíll be cursed
with a dying planet,
global warming,
and a world where the haves
take more
and have-nots attempt to survive
with miserably less
until the world ends;
December 21, 2012

I am truly sorry
I apologize for placing you
in this conundrum

but the question still becomes
what are you going to do?
walk away and be cursed
tempt fate and our future
and not rate this
or enter something
other than a perfect score

and oh yeah,
if you donít rate this
if you donít rate it a ten
and if you donít tell at least
one other person
to rate this poem,
youíll feel the boney fingers
of the grim reaper
on your shoulder
before dawn's first light
and the devil
will consume your soul
for breakfast

man, I love poetry contests!

                Runnells, Iowa '10

Intro Image -
"Medieval Armour" by Elizabeth Hoskinson
Empact Image -
"Grim Reaper" by Katie Alphonsi         

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