as the servant of our people
and commander of our legions,
I today and forevermore decree
expulsion of the emperor,
corrupt lords, and phony priests

you who thought Id not survive
to claim my rightful place
reaping riches without risk,
I curse your arrogant faces
and vow the gods no more to waste
the lives of dashing warriors
and sweat of common men

its been an honor to lead your sons
through bold and brave affairs
as our precious kingdom thrives
from the banks of the mystic river
to the fabled northern seas,
we shall build a better world
and set a course toward lasting peace

now the citizens for whom we fought
shall find justice in a balanced court
where widows and wounded heroes
will be respected and be rewarded,
we are our brother's keeper

piety shall be a person's choice,
not some cloak to fool the masses,
we must embrace the light of science
as we follow her advances
let us invest our tithes in education
and encourage inquisitive minds

trust me now, I have returned
and raise my chalice to the heavens
let the poets proclaim from this day on
our republic shall live forever

Runnells, Iowa '15