mankind has surpassed
its expiration date
losing touch in cyber space
broken down in ones and zeros
distracted by meaningless
symbols, we donít care
to understand or
look beyond the lies

we marginalize and hate
what media moguls tell us
and believe that itís our fate
to follow without thinking
with glass screens to blind
and entertain our minds
afraid to peek over the edge
and see the true reflection
of mass suffering and pain

raising the best and brightest
on fairy tales and fables
glory for their neighbors
to willing give their lives
and limbs and competition
while the wealthyís foolish
offspring take unproductive
refuge in gated communities
hiding from insecurity
masking off a conscience

now we multiply like virii
in a fragile petri dish
losing balance and culture
not seeing greed and fear
have set us on a path
of hollow nourishment
candied over excrement
passed to the next generation
we turn to cannibalism
expecting miracles to save us

New Orleans, Louisiana '18