soaring high above the madness
in a first class window seat
between greedy human beings
and the blessing we all seek
captured like forgotten insects
with a million starving eyes
I tap the glass, relentlessly
as the poison vapors rise

growing restless, hot, and flustered
bad news flashing through dense air,
I hide inside a mindless cloud
sedated by the stratosphere

I see saints and baby angels
marching toward an angry sun
sacrificed on fatted altars
to the beat of fox-tuned drums
masking guilt with good intentions,
I clinch fists and want to fight
feeling broken hearted families
hearing shamaned voices crying

"mercy's banished to the backstreets,
miracles packed in pretty pills
satan’s pundits cloak the pulpits
wall street pawned the holy bells"

I reach for Mary’s saving grace
and sweet redeeming fingertips
but a comet tears the veil of space
earthquaking as her axis slips...
beauty burns across the countryside,
hope swirling in tsunamied seas
a billion lonely, lost devices
glow in the dusk of technology

Portland, Oregon ‘12