I woke up this morning
contemplating a world
I’ve watched on the wire
for nigh on sixty years…
sixty years of phantom wars
against evil people we’re told
hell, I was proud to go
and do my best
to “save the future”

I’ve worked hard in my life
enjoyed several successes
raised in a warm, loving family
taking pride in the opportunities
promised every man would see
provided by those who came before
with a sense of selflessness
and a conscience for the greater good
that arose to beat the Nazis,
but I guess they all died

since technology’s genie smiled
making total-annihilation possible
the masks who control the globe
with legislative puppets and
media machines of misinformation
have fought to take control
inventing enemies to divided us
betting we don’t rise up
to ask why?

Bottom line:
corpocracy has given birth to oligarchy
with no long-term plan for the masses
just quarter to quarter bonuses for the players
and politics have become a black,
money sponsored reality show
to sabotage our democracy
and redistribute the wealth to the top
that found a perfect storm of campaigns
having no financial regulations
using a congress with no sense of ethics
and their trick seems to be working

they confuse us with wedges
waving fear and morality in our faces
playing on the angst of the sexes
and who’s god makes a difference
justifying each side of an atrocity
by confusing our better natures…

even televangelists won’t call out
the antichrists of the information age
“ah yes”, they’re on the payroll too
with credit cards for cages
and no chance for revolution
staying sedated and entertained,
mortgaging the planet,
as we devolve into fiefdom

now, I know how Hemmingway felt
when he wrote the Nada prayer
no matter how hard we try
will we never overcome greed
and animalistic nature, so…
do we remember what we stand for
and value building a proud legacy
leading justice in the free-world
with humanity as a guidepost
or do we embrace our devices
as we write the final paragraph


Runnells, Iowa '17

Liberty Pop