Almost Amos



Almost Amos

we only get so many
precious opportunities
to give ourselves
to the people we love
how much is that worth?

here I am again
full of passion but
no longer alone
peering bright horizons
and the legendary crossroad
where the ghosts and
Robert Johnson roam
as Preacher Davis prays

I savor all the side views
of the open rural highways
the beauty in the byways
and creatures of the night
am I blinded by delights?

would I be happy?

in a crystal carriage

on the golden interstate

riding high above

the forgotten crowd

with every exit closed


I see Wall Street

and the prostitutes

selling inside information

trading tips for money

am Iím no better

selling out


oh well,

why should we


sweet ladies

of the evening

at least their guarantees

are of value

if not sincere


Runnells, IA '08

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
Artwork - "U.F.O. Burgers" by Stuart Swartz 


Play "Almost Amos" recited by Emma Stewart

Emma Stewart  - Actor
Melbourne, Australia

Emma is young, aspiring actress who's had a passion for acting since she saw her first production at four years old.  She's dedicated to anything in the theatre and loves Shakespearean work, but gives her best no matter what form or level the project.

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