is there a true measure of anything
when thereís nothing to compare against.
Iíve lived, laughed, feared, cried
and realize Iím no better or worse
than any other ďbeingĒ in this world

I donít fool myself with religion
or atheism, or pretentious significance.
the shallow successes and regrets matter not
compared to the deception of results
that only hasten our demise

is this really self-awareness
or mere circuitry and software
of some organic machine
set in motion by an incomprehensible
circumstance thatís almost as brief

our season leaves seed
blowing in the breeze with
the desire to protect and maintain
our continuance, we call love,
but deep inside we know all

will be lost and forgottenÖ
there are no permanent stars
there are no lasting galaxies
there is no enduring universe
and no definition of beauty or time

but, I look forward to terminal rest
and donít care about consequences.
I accept there is no value or victory
and donít pretend to have an answer,
let the illusion of light go dim

Murfreesboro, Tennessee '16