A Perfect Game



A Perfect Game

the stars had lost their luster
disappointment thinned the stands
no one went to day games
scandal rocked the fans
warm-ups sure looked awkward
brand new backstop on the team
but magic filled the rafters
as the people took their seats

when a south paw from the country
who lived for farm and field
took the mound that summer's day
the rest became surreal...
with every toss and follow through
three up, three down, they played
strikes and fundamentals
cut batters down like hay

two dozen straight, after eight
when a long drive took to flight
a pinch fielder put his head down
and ran with graceful might
sprawling legs and stretching arm
collided with the wall
his glove went up, he knew it hit
but couldn’t feel the ball

down and down and down, he fell
the grail was knocked away
time stood still and no one breathed
as it hung in the dusty haze
snag! he pulled it from its perch
bare handing hide and fate
the crowd cut loose like thunder
with wringing hands, they prayed...

fastballs growing faster
were granted from baseball Zion
where Jackson, Johnson, and the Babe's
souls tapped the strength of Ryan
as a groundout framed the triumph,
we felt childhood dreams of fame
with caps tipped toward our fathers
for the love of a perfect game

Runnells, Iowa ‘09

Intro Image - "The Pitch" by Tim Allen
Empact Image "Dyersville" by Jerry Browning

Play "A Perfect Game" recited by Jerry Browning

Jerry Browning  - Poet, Songwriter
Iowa, United States

Jerry has been writing poetry and songs since 1977.  If you're a voice actor and would like to do a rendition of this or another poem, feel free to do so and contact him at the link below


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