The Wonder Bar



The Wonder Bar

twas the night before payday
my tax check came in, so i stepped out for a drink
when she grabbed my arm, i knocked my glass over
too stunned to even think

god she looked so gorgeous
like the day i left with a midnight kiss
her magic blue eyes shone when she laughed
and cut the cigarette mist

she called me cosmic cowboy
no one’s called me that in years
she didn’t complain, but i saw the strain
of a life between hidden tears

you never wrote me back she said
i thought you were more than a college fling
i mumbled something about opening old wounds
and tried to hide the shame

i couldn’t believe
she still carried the poems i wrote her back in school
when she read the one about timeless love
i felt like such a fool

there were so many things
i needed to say, but she left without a goodbye
i woke up early and called her mother
who broke the news and cried

“she was killed in a car crash
yesterday morning”

The Iceland, U.K. Gap ‘89

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Study of An Angel" by Stuart Gilbert

Play "Wonder Bar" recited by John Ramos

John Ramos - Voice Actor
United States

John is an up and coming voice actor who has been working in machinimas, fandubs, and video gaming mostly but is starting to expand his horizons into radioplay and other genres. 

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