The Window



The Window

zz…and in Southeast Asia today, American

troops met heavy resistance near the Cambodian

border.  An estimated twenty-two American

casualties were reported, while one hundred

Viet Cong were reported dead or missing.

   Let’s go to Dan Rather who shot these

Clips at the scene…zz


thru this window

we have witnessed

war   without reason


lost magi

wager youth

for loot

and wash their hands

in the domino theory


instead of drinking beer

and playing softball

eighteen year olds

pack M-16s and Claymores

running thru jungles

suppressing deep, hysterical

breaths,   they hide

from yellow-skinned demons

named Charlie


wanting willing brides

they carry friends

across the threshold

on liters

and in body bags…

a marriage made

in hell


skipping rope

in puddles of blood

slap   slap   slap

village children chant

   “god is dead

     god is dead

     satan’s soldiers

     shot his head”


women wail

across the continents

for fallen sons

and lovers

sedated into silence

sleeping without dreams…


zz…and in sports, the Yankees snapped a three

game losing streak by destroying Detroit 8 to 1.

Mickey Mantle hit a three run shot in the forth,

while Mel Stottlemyre pitched…zz


Norfolk, Virginia ‘87

Intro Image -
"The Window" by Jerry Browning
Empact Image
- ""Freedom" (Free doom) under Vietnamese Communist Regime "by Viet Tran

Play "The Window" recited by Jerry Browning

Jerry Browning  - Poet, Songwriter
Iowa, United States

Jerry has been writing poetry and songs since 1977.  If you're a voice actor and would like to do a rendition of this or another poem, feel free to do so and contact him at the link below

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