Wildwood, N.J.



Wildwood, N.J.


ah, memorial day
the entire country
at the shore

pretzel and beer communion
mass confusion
paying penance
on carnival rides
and in hot dog stand
confessionals, but
zz…Frankie says relax…zz

tanned college girls
flip back teasing hair
using the breeze
for a comb
beautiful bronze asses
hang out
on the boardwalk
with grip-bruised thighs
from the night before

i clench my fists
making a wish

the beach is alive
on fire
to rock n’ roll music,
lusty Atlantic vibrations
complete a collage
of colorful sounds…

“it’s everywhere”

reads the tee-shirt

of a wrinkled old man

with his best friend,

a metal detector


baby in a playpen

throws sand

on her sleeping parents

but they won’t wake up

and she cries


sophisticated ladies

shading sunglassed eyes

lie on the beach blanket

bathed in oil

so cool

white hot



pretty boys smile

flexing pumped muscles

throwing frisbies™

and footballs

just shy of the girls

who giggle and know

their time’s coming

maybe this summer


when the sun goes down

the temple’s forsaken

and god’s city creatures

turn to neon again


Maple Shade, New Jersey ‘85

Intro Image - "Jersey Girls Point Pleasant" by  Kevin Callahan
Empact Image - "Strange New Babylon" by V Holeček

Play "Wildwood, N.J." recited by Zack McComas

Zack McComas  - Actor
Yankton, South Dakota, US

Zack is talented actor who likes theater and anything that offers an opportunity and challenge. Check out his YouTube video link below and watch his work as listen to how well he sings.

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