Stark Reality



Stark Reality


let out the slack
take off the lines
heave ‘round
underway, shift colors

teary eyes strain
as the homeland shrinks
like a distant corridor,
my love lies waiting
into a callous wind

like knights on crusade
in aluminum armor
we slice blue horizons
crossing a rising sun
with our dark overlord
whose well endowed ego
means more
than the petty lives
of those who protect him

in the belly of the warbeast
we labor night and day
suspended in time
separated from ties
that make us sane


automation      …

such a clean method

to kill fellow humans

seeing symbols

hearing booms

and the mighty swooooshhh

of soulless missiles

watching intercept

and a screen gone blank

without screaming


i’m a radar technician

giving sight and aim

to the beast

he sees what i show him

asking no questions

never feeling weary

just nods, and snorts, and smiles

and does his deadly deed



ordered to the ready

keen, yet unaware

second after endless second

homesick and frightened

we thumb thru letters

and pictures

and breakdown our dreams


i study the faces

of all the fine men

who depend on me

and i on them

to survive

i have the power

to terminate

warbeast’s silicon thoughts

but not my own…


the beast sounds a warning

but i’m ordered to ignore

his emotionless cries

what do you mean hold fiiii???

loud screeching impact




swept away


as bulkheads crash

and waters rush in

i nod, and snort, and smile

and silence my snowy mind


Ville France, France ‘87

Intro Image
- USS Stark FFG-31 linked to a site telling their story
Empact Image -  from Air Power Austrailia


Play "Stark Reality" recited by Ron Arthurs

Ron Arthurs  - Model, Actor
Western Australia

Ron was first introduced to theatre at 10 when he wrote, directed and starred in a school play. As an introverted 18 yo a friend suggested a drama cure. One of his first roles was in Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milkwood” - only one person showed-up. He has appeared in over 200 productions in WA and UK.

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