Santa’s Greatest Gift



Santa’s Greatest Gift

Hon’ I don’t know how to start this letter
it’s hard enough to be away so long
sit down with suzie Q and little Tommy
hold them close and help them both be strong

we were in the North Atlantic for December
world situation had us on alert
when something from the north drove in upon us
we were so afraid the Russians would strike first

we shined our IFF upon the target
we tried to raise him on the radio
but, we only had a garbled voice transmission
it sounded like a broken ho, ho, ho

we quickly headed to our battle stations
fired five inch rounds to warn him off
but, he just kept heading toward our position
So we fired a bird and dropped him like a rock

oh, the sound of reindeer paws against the bulk head
red fabric floated down from santa’s clothes
something bright rolled right across the flight deck
it was quickly recognized as Rudolph’s nose

the UN gathered for a special session
negotiations didn’t last a week
the arms race and the wars have all been ended
thanks to Santa’s death we live in peace.

Northern Mediterranean ‘87

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
 from an article in BiPolarPlanet found here 

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