Prince Charming



Prince Charming

collar up
coolin’ into the club
shit-eatin’ grin

“hey man,
where’d you and Carla go?”

“to my apartment…
showed her my stamp

“you dog…
and back for more?”

waiting in line

stepping up

straddling the porcelain pit

smell of urine

and cigarette smoke

overlap stale beer breath


Camel™ filter for a target

pressing my nose

to the cold brown tile

eyes straight ahead

don’t want anyone

to think i’m a gazer


an eternal minute

feeling impatient eyes

lasering holes in my back

quiet screams out

he can’t prime the pump

guy to the left

makes a merciful flush

camouflaging my failure


my tool’s not Hughes™

but it’s Rigid™ and Craftsman™

serviced the engines

of many a fine model

so if you’re a faggot

and looking

don’t laugh…

your mother sure didn’t


fake shake

and a zip

clear my throat

deepen my voice

“damned beer

piss one out

pay for another”

combing my hair


mounting a barstool

like James Dean in Giant

i smile at the barmaid

um, um

beautiful blue eyes

soft, luscious lips

round, smooth ass

ripe melon tits


“my sign?

slippery when wet,

how ‘bout you?

there’s a full moon

on the beach

tonight and…”


Norfolk, Virginia ‘87

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Barflys " by Nance Almazon            


Play "Prince Charming" recited by Nigel Lewis-Davidson

Nigel Lewis-Davidson  - Actor
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Nigel is an actor, voice-over artist and writer; he has taken lead and supporting roles in TV pilot, independent and short films; his voice has also been used in radio drama and a film trailer; he is a baritone singer.

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