On the Other Hand



On the Other Hand

when the hand that feeds you
beats you
what are you supposed to think
you love them for the nourishment
feeling guilty for the hate

life goes on
you donít understand
why pleasure produces pain
and the arms that hold you
seem to choke you
so you turn away again

when the hand that beats you
feeds you
you learn how not to feel
cuts and bruises fade with time
but the wounds are never healed

do as i say
not as i do

Lithopolis, Ohio Ď85

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Play "On the Other Hand" recited by Jerry  and Abbey Browning

Jerry Browning  - Poet, Songwriter
Iowa, United States

Jerry has been writing poetry and songs since 1977.  If you're a voice actor and would like to do a rendition of this or another poem, feel free to do so and contact him at the link below


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