Network of the Lonely



Network of the Lonely

in the white noise
of a crowded mall
i study empty faces
spending hard earned wages
on a plastic way of life

in a café i sit pondering
the couple in the corner
do they really love each other
or is their glow
some ruthless show
for losers like myself

hand in hand, laughing
and teasing as they leave
ah, what a charade
bet they stay together
for fear of AIDS or Herpes…
forget the bomb
even sex is lethal
in these crazy ninteen-eighties

walking the silent corridor
echoing footfalls
send a deathly chill
and remind me of a dream…

hooded executioner clopping

to a damp and dirty cell

welcomed without fear

willing to pay the debt

pushing the breaker bar

i step into the darkness

of a vacant parking lot

and sigh


dodging drunks and druggies

i drive the boulevard

past the singles bars

and hollow, hungry eyes

selling flowers

at the traffic lights


churches and courthouses

merge at midnight

floodlights on the buildings

illuminate the stage

forsaken by the actors

who’re sleeping with a secretary

or a naughty neighbor’s wife


sometimes late at night

when i can’t sleep

a purple mist

sifts thru the doorjamb

and turns my radio on…

network of the lonely


do it boy, do it

you know…

nothing really matters


Norfolk, Virginia ‘87

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Street of Dreams" by liOneSS-178

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