Christmas Time in Naples



Christmas Time in Naples

as i walk the streets of Naples
on a quiet Christmas day
i think about the ones i love
back in the U.S.A.
iím just another sailor
trying to make it on my own
but the holidays are hard to take
some thousand miles from home

when itís Christmas time in Naples
thereís no present Ďneath the tree
no snow upon the rooftops
no people in the street
eggnog doesnít taste the same
the turkeyís cold and dry
when youíre overseas at Christmas
you hold it all inside

i nudge into a crowded bar
and order up a beer
think about the girl i love
and wish that she were here
if i had the cash to spare
iíd fly her out to me
but you just donít make that kind of bread
when you live out on the sea

CHORUS Ė modified

when itís Christmas time in Naples

Santa doesnít bring a gift

Rudolphís nose donít shine so bright

and Frosty never lived

olí Grinch, he mustíve been here

Ďcause the yuletide spiritís gone

when youíre overseas a Christmas

you wonder why you joined


iím stumbling back to the pier

and itís not because iím stoned

think thereís something in my eyes

these Roman windís are strong

so i stop to make a phone call

when the lines are finally clear

i just get disconnected

guess iíll see them all next year




Western Mediterranean Sea Ď87

Intro Image
- "Another Blue Christmas" by Barbara White
Empact Image from the digital archive of the University of North Texas


Play "Christmas Time in Naples" sang by Jerry Browning

Jerry Browning  - Poet, Songwriter
Iowa, United States

Jerry has been writing poetry and songs since 1977.  If you're a musician and would like to do a rendition of this or another song, feel free to do so and contact him at the link below

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