The Card



The Card

someday has arrived
with a letter on the table
a fear always known
but foolishly denied
i won the lottery!

shaking as i open it
and those dark suppressed dreams
of eighteen years, a blur
i remember watching movies
ancient soldiers falling
hearing destiny calling
“look into my eyes”

guess that’s why
i never got serious
with the girl next door
a year or two of pleasure’s
not worth a lifetime of pain
and the torturing loneliness
will soon be gone

at a musty V.F.W. hall
grandpa makes a toast
to my first legal brew
as i sit listening for hours
to war stories and lies
thru misty, drunken eyes
i know i’ll never see
their pride…in earning victory
their guilt…in escaping death
or their agony in returning
to a tattered world
that won’t understand

like the fuse of a bomb
my time serves a purpose
and the shard of metal
that takes my life
will be a crimson chariot
to nirvana

Norfolk, Virginia ‘87

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
" by A Victor Reyes

Play "The Card" recited by Emma Stewart

Emma Stewart  - Actor
Melbourne, Australia

Emma is young, aspiring actress who's had a passion for acting since she saw her first production at four years old.  She's dedicated to anything in the theatre and loves Shakespearean work, but gives her best no matter what form or level the project.

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