True Love




True Love

may you know all the pleasure that living can bring

may love fill your heart like an artesian spring

the one thing in life you must grab and take hold

is the spirit of youth as your body grows old


may you discover the treasures that money canít buy

like a cool summer breeze and babyís soft sigh

may your cold, dreary nights produce warm sunny days

may the sword of true love chase the shadows away



may you flow with the courage to follow your dreams

may the sun light your path with a fountain of beams

and when you canít see the faces for the masks that they wear

remember thereís people who really do care


when youíre tired and lonely and want to go home

with this poem in your heart, you wonít face it alone

may the shelters you dwell in, keep out the rain

like the shield of true love will protect you from pain


Lithopolis, Ohio Ď78

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Abbey and the Josie" by Jerry Browning          

Play "True Love" recited by Bernadette Lemon

Bernadette Lemon  - Actor, Dancer, Model
Suffolk, United Kingdom

Bernadette is a diverse entertainer who was schooled in dance and quickly making her mark modeling and acting.  She has a beautiful voice and is an experienced voice actor and ensemble singer.

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