a young man sits so restless

on his bike and grips the bars

‘though the miles approach infinity

it doesn’t seem that far

‘cause there’s a pain deep down inside him

but he doesn’t know what from

he accelerates to lose it

and he rides into the sun



his road is like a rainbow

he can never see it end

he reaches out to touch it

but his hands hold only wind

still there is land riches

‘though this is not the one

he tells himself so many times

as he rides into the sun


he sometimes checks the mirror

to assure him of the way

but the danger lies

before his eyes

and the piper’s always paid

yet what has past behind him

can never be undone

the silhouettes all follow

as he rides into the sun




he sometimes stops to take a break

and soothe his weary soul

but he hears the music calling

and knows it’s time to roll

while the sounds of the lonely highway

bang in his head like drums

he looks to all horizons

as he rides into the sun


Lithopolis, Ohio ‘78

Intro Image - "Morning Flight" by  Diane Merkle
 Empact Image - "Sun Spots" by  Darrell Storts


Play "Sunward" sang by Jerry Browning

Jerry Browning  - Poet, Songwriter
Iowa, United States

Jerry has been writing poetry and songs since 1977.  If you're a musician and would like to do a rendition of this or another song, feel free to do so and contact him at the link below

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