Street Wise




Street Wise

in a project full of roaches, spiders, and rats
he grows to be wise like an old alley cat
momma scrubs floors while the white lady dines
poppa drinks up the food stamps complaining of times
teachers all tell him he doesn’t have a chance
with a faded red sweater and holes in his pants
while the junkie in the alley is offering a fix
the con in the doorway will teach him some tricks
to live in the ‘hood, he has to be mean
and snatch a quick purse when the going gets lean
give a quarter to a wino, buy some crackers and cheese
watch the pimp on the corner knock the ho to her knees
he curses the cold wind and runs from the heat
it’s a game of survival for a kid on the street

he learns to throw dice and he learns to shoot pool
he learns to make money by playing a fool
and he looks in the places where the faces all dwell
in the cars, in the bars, in the quiet of a cell
he fights with the brothers and tries to act tough
with a blade in his pocket to back up his bluff…
sells a handful of rock, scores a pound of good grass
winds up in a hotel with a cheap piece of ass
he hears a gun fire and he hears a man scream
he slides into the alley without being seen
a battle’s going on, so he pulls out his knife
he learns to cut people without thinking twice
as he sees his friend dying, his racing heart cries
he knows he’s street wise and just along for the ride

Houston, Texas ‘80

Intro Image - "Male portrait 2" by Annette E. Bank
Empact Image -
"Breathe" by rave8259

Play "Street Wise" recited by Ron Arthurs

Ron Arthurs  - Model, Actor
Western Australia

Ron was first introduced to theatre at 10 when he wrote, directed and starred in a school play. As an introverted 18 yo a friend suggested a drama cure. One of his first roles was in Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milkwood” - only one person showed-up. He has appeared in over 200 productions in WA and UK.

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