Stormy Night




Stormy Night

baby’s in the cradle

kids have gone to bed

to the candy-coated world

that swirls inside their heads

so many roads to choose

so many songs to sing

they shiver when the night comes

and wonder what the morning brings


ah, listen to the rain fall

singing such a pretty song

they dance across the roof tops

a single note in every drop


grandma’s in the rocking chair

says she couldn’t sleep

since grandpa passed away last year

she thinks on life too deep

as she’s praying for her savior

her eyes can feel the weight

she slowly struggles to her room

before it gets too late


ah, listen to the rain fall

singing such a pretty song

wind whistles thru the trees

what perfect harmonies


now, all the lights are out

we see the lightning flash

we pause a quiet moment

and hear the thunder crash

don’tchya shake now honey

don’t pay it any mind

the only thing that matters is…

we’re by  each other’s side


Lithopolis, Ohio ‘79

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Rude Awakening" by  Diane Daigle

Play "Stormy Night" recited by Ursula McCabe

Ursula McCabe  - Actor
London, United Kingdom

Ursula is an aspiring voice artist looking forward to collaborating with other voice artists, writers and producers. She has spent many hours in professional studios and has invested in her own equipment.

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