Sizzling Rain




Sizzling Rain

in the quiet of the midnight hour
twisting and turning in my itchy bed
i long to hear giggles and gentle words
yet all i hear is the sizzling rain
outside my lonely door

with closed eyes, i see angelic faces
the curve of cheeks dappled by a touch of pink
and the depths of comforting smiles
opening my eyes, i await slow focus…
just the clock upon my bedroom wall

in the abyss of frustration, i masturbate
to figures in the reflection of my mind
alas, sickening depression proceeds climax
i run to the bathroom and wipe it away
sticky embarrassment won’t rub clean

imaging the nectar of wanderlust kisses
i lick my dry lips tasting nothing
save stray bits of toothpaste and the salt of a tear
streamed down the windows of my garbled face
who’ll sooth the sizzling rain

Houston, Texas ‘81

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Drizzled Window" by Joe Bonita

Play "Sizzling Rain" recited by Daniel Kerry

Daniel Kerry  - Voice Actor
London, United Kingdom

Daniel is a seasoned actor and voice actor with a powerful presence and voice currently working as a director with The Infiltrators and at Aardvark Productions.

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