Life Longing




Life Longing

a young man leaves his mother

finds himself a wife

they take each other by the hand

and venture into life

got so many bills to pay now

got a job to keep

ah, he wants to give her more

price is just too steep

yet she stands beside him smiling

gives him strength

helps him through the day

as the road grows long and winding

she takes him in her arms

and loves the pain away


at last the weekend rolls around

finally time for fun

he takes her for a bite to eat

tells her she’s the one

they create a world thru kisses

no one else can enter in

ah, then Monday comes so fast

time to leave again

as he gets his tools together

doesn’t speak…ain’t too much to say

she drops his lunch right down beside them

takes him in her arms

and loves the pain away

loves the pain away now

loves the pain away


Lithopolis, Ohio  ‘78

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Wind and sun" by Asbjorn Lonvig

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