Letting Go




Letting Go

itís the last lonely night
an hour from dawn
iíll never wait for you again
darkness strokes me on the hand
silence becomes my friendÖ
they tell me not to worry
youíll get home alright
youíre gonna be
what you want to be

at first i wanted to fight
then pretend it wasnít true
the harder i tried
to keep you mine
the more i disgusted you
and myselfÖ
but i donít feel defeated
loveís not a game

knew what i was doing
when i brought you here
like a sparrow with a broken wing
now itís time for you to fly
and i wonít stand in your way

kiss the sky for me baby

Houston, Texas Ď83

Intro Image - "Avian Blue 1" by 
Angela Wesselman-Pierce
Empact Image - "Letting Go" by Angela Wesselman-Pierce

Play "Letting Go" recited by Dian Hadi

Dian Hadi  - Actor, Musician
Western Australia

Dian is a young, aspiring entertainer who has promising career in acting and music.

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