I Am Old




I Am Old

i’ve walked life’s path in gentle stride

thru weather good and bad

now i stand upon the mountain top

viewing all i’ve had

gazing across the valley’s

long and rocky road

memories become companions…

i am old, i am old


the reaper stalks the bushes

and i feel his presence near

yet, i can hear the master saying

child i am here

as i look to all horizons

strange beauty I behold

rod and staff to comfort

i am old, i am old


but when i am united

and receive eternal rest

they will all be waiting

forever i’ll be blessed

i see the angel Michael

the lord is come for me

released from this old body

i am free, i am free


Athens, Ohio ‘77

Intro Image - "Ellen Corby " here's a link to a tribute page to her
Empact Image - "Country Road" by Darice Machel McGuire

Play "I Am Old" recited by Ron Arthurs

Ron Arthurs  - Model, Actor
Western Australia

Ron was first introduced to theatre at 10 when he wrote, directed and starred in a school play. As an introverted 18 yo a friend suggested a drama cure. One of his first roles was in Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milkwood” - only one person showed-up. He has appeared in over 200 productions in WA and UK.

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