The Crusader




The Crusader

i had a childhood friend in what seems another time
who was destined to make history with such a brilliant mind
showing me a second sight, that most have never seen
he helped sharpen my senses and make my wits keen
yea, we were going to save the world, but security ruled his life
he quit the academy, settling down with the first girl that he liked
i always was the wild one for which he said iíd pay
smiling, i shook his hand and slowly walked away

well, iíve hitched a dozen crooked highways, walked a thousand dusty roads
iíve been so broke iíve nearly starved by the wayside in the cold
iíve been stranded in the desert, iíve prayed beneath the stars
for the lonesome losers of the nights and the queens of the single bars
almost beginning to lose my way, i found hope in a crowded city
a small town girl with big brown eyes and a smile so warm and pretty
but i couldnít get that little girl, circumstances just werenít right
so, i wondered on thru unknown lands with her image in my mind

Ďthough my legs are growing tired, one last journey i embark
the ancient road to Camelot to win my Gwendolynís heart
my life is like a tale of old, my luck rolls with the dice
iíll fight the dragons fearlessly to have her at my side
and if i score the victory, iíll bear the precious ring
that helps shield me from all perils as i carry on my dreams
for iíll try to change the world, with pen and pad in hand
no matter where my visions lead, being proud of who i am

Houston, Texas Ď80

Intro Image - "Writing Hands" by  jggy
Empact Image -
"Midnight Joust" by Lisa Gabrius


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