Child of the World




Child of the World

as i gaze into a starry sky

obsessed with thoughts of how and why

i’m amazed at the silence of limitless space

and my vantage point, a finite trace


feeling within a trembling fear

i shout   GOD!   are you out here

but my words echo on to no avail

is there no heaven?…is there no hell?…


oh, ominous orb so deep and vast

whose future spins within the past

is time a mere scale in the life of a man?

or is it of some cosmic plan?


and this world we’re upon, this physical strife

may it be death which in turn is life?

lost and bewildered in the daze of my youth

does an aura surround?, is there ultimate truth?


a thought like a comet bursts the walls of my mind

death ends existence!, death halts time!

no it can’t be … it mustn’t be … i pray

i push …but the thought won’t slide away


with head in my hands, i look upward no more

for the moment arrives like a knock on the door

so i lean back and rock in the old sitting chair

as my soul starts to slip in the noose of despair


while pondering i fall in a trance-like sleep

and hear the voice of eternity speak…

“child of the world do not dismay

listen close to what i say…


you have been and will always be

part of the universe, part of me

you’re earthly now, but will return

receiving the peace your heart so yearns”


Athens, Ohio ‘77


Intro Image  -
"The Big Bang" by Evelyn Patrick   

Empact Image - "The death and possible life after of Lewis Paine" by Richard Hubal               

Play "Child of the World" recited by Darcy Maguire

Darcy Maguire  - Voice Actor

Darcy is a rare Australian voice actor, who is able to hide her accent to some degree when required. She specializes in anime boy voices, but plays female roles as well.  Her serious recitations here are wonderful.

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