Broken Glass




Broken Glass

did i get caught in the cookie jar,
break another window
or stray off too far
what did i do

talk to my teddy bear
but he wont listen
just sits and stares at me
looks like hes laughing
so i punch him in the nose
throw him against the wall
but im so big
and hes so small
i pick him up and straighten his ears
im not as mean as they are

dont want to play with my army men
you know it gets old
when your side always wins
tired of the same ol baseball cards
dont feel like drawing
readings too hard

if i was big, id show whos boss
id be a race car driver
or a brave astronaut
maybe id be a cowboy
whod save every day
get the pretty girl
then ride far
what are those noises
out in the sun
did i hear someone say
he hit a homerun

standing on the bed
i see a ball in the grass
with tears in my eyes
and nose pressed to the glass
can jerry come out and play

Houston, Texas 82

Intro Image - "Bowl of Marbles" by Carla Kurt
Empact Image - "Boy in Window" by Reb Frost

Play "Broken Glass" recited by Darcy Maguire

Darcy Maguire  - Voice Actor

Darcy is a rare Australian voice actor, who is able to hide her accent to some degree when required. She specializes in anime boy voices, but plays female roles as well.  Her serious recitations here are wonderful.

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