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Book 1

Broken Compass


Book 2


..Following Seas


Book 3

Naked Dreams



The books (links in the above windows) and poetry are in the order of their writing.  The tables of contents give a brief introduction to the poems.  Click on the name of the book in the top right hand corner to return to it's table of contents. Click on my name  at the top left hand corner of the poems to see an about the author.

A special thanks to all the artists and voice actors who've contributed to this project.  Enjoy their talents and please click on the links to their names to visit their sites.


(PoetryMan.net is an alternate URL that is easier to spell and remember)

Any piece that has the above introduction image
is open  for art submissions that fit the poem

Cosmic Postcards is intended to create a Magic 8-Ball effect and a feature that selects an artist's piece with a verse from a poem to create a random message.

Cosmic Postcards


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